How Does Subway Surfers Multiplier Work?

In Subway Surfers, ‘Multiplier’ is a special feature that multiplies your score in a run and lets you score higher.  Read on to learn how this works in detail. See also: Can you earn money with Subway Surfers? How does Subway Surfers Multiplier work? At the beginning of your game, your multiplier is set to … Read more

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Can I Earn Money From Subway Surfers?

Subway Surfers is an endless runner arcade game, co-developed by Kiloo and SYBO games. You can play Subway Surfers both online and offline. You can’t earn any money directly by playing Subway Surfers. But you can upload your gameplay videos of Subway Surfers on YouTube or other similar websites and earn money. See also: How … Read more

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How Does The Top Run Work In Subway Surfers?

In the Subway Surfers game, Top Run is a weekly chart for top score racers of a specific country. Top Run acts as a leader board.  Using the Top Run feature, you can race against all the Subway Surfers players from your country in different categories. Each Top Run session expires after a week (7 … Read more

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