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About me

Hello Friends,

My name is Jason and I’m the owner of I’m a software engineer with a deep interest for – and a long experience of – smartphones and mobile devices.

I have a tech degree from Carnegie Mellon, one of the best universities in the U.S for engineering and computer science). Before I started this site, I spent many years creating highly specialized course content for a leading online tech training platform.

Among others, I built Windows Phone tech courses that deep dive into the mobile platform from both a developer and mobile user standpoint. I also explored Android and iOS from a developer’s perspective, including smartphones, tablets, and watches.

This led me to test and troubleshoot many types of connected devices, all with the same avid interest that had driven with throughout my university years.

Around that time, I started toying with the idea of creating my own tech content online. Before I jumped in, I tested my idea on my mom who constantly asked me little things about her smartphone such as:

  • How to keep emails from disappearing
  • How to stop getting annoying notifications at night
  • How to set up a second Whatsapp
  • How to connect your smart TV to your phone
  • Which bluetooth headphones to choose, etc.
  • How to share music between iOS devices

While some of her questions were easy for me to figure out myself with a little explorations, others required some research. But as a tech content creator, I was amazed by the lack of really helpful content I was able to find online for some of the issues I researched!

So I decided to start and add my own personal stone to the body of online information available to mobile users. My goals:

  • Offer truly helpful information for mobile users looking for answers to their questions and technical problems.
  • Share my long-running tech knowledge of mobile OS’s and platforms
  • Help you select the best mobile devices and services for your needs

I certainly hope you will find the information on this website more helpful than average.

Don’t hesitate to contact me!

All the best