Is It Safe To Uninstall Google Play Services?

Google Play Services is a background service package and API provider by Google. This service does not appear as a separate application yet takes a lot of storage. So is it safe to uninstall Google Play Services? You can’t uninstall Google Play Services because your Android device will not allow you to delete it. The … Read more

Does Android Alarm Stop By Itself? (answered)

Sometimes when we miss our alarm we wonder whether the alarm stopped by itself or it didn’t ring at all. Let’s find out how long an Android phone alarm goes on for if you don’t snooze or silence it. The android alarm stops by itself after ringing for 5-6 minutes, it doesn’t keep ringing all … Read more

How To Turn Off TalkBack? (solved)

Have you ever run into a situation when your Android phone starts reading aloud the content of your screen? That’s TalkBack in action. If you don’t have a need for it, it can make for an annoying user experience. You can turn off TalkBack by pressing both volume keys for 3 seconds or saying the … Read more

Why Do My Apps Keep Moving On Android? (solved)

The issue that many Android users face is tackling the arrangement of applications. If you haven’t touched settings on your phone, you must be wondering why applications on your phone keep moving? Let’s find out the possible reasons.  The applications on your Android phone keep moving because there’s a possible bug in the application, it’s … Read more

What Is A Lock Screen Service? (answered)

Are you being asked to grant Screen Lock service to an app you just installed, and wondering if it is really required to grant a third-party application such permission? What is a lock screen service? As part of Android’s security protocol, a third-party screen lock application requires administrator permissions to enable a lock screen on … Read more

How Do I Unlink OneDrive From Android? (answered)

OneDrive is a cloud storage service by Microsoft that comes with Android to provide users with 5GB of free cloud storage to save their important files. But is it beneficial? Can you unlink OneDrive from Android? OneDrive is a helpful tool, but it can be unlinked if you are not interested in uploading your files … Read more

Can Wifi And Hotspot Work Together?

Is it possible to use the WiFi and hotspot features together on your device in order to share your WiFi connection across multiple devices? WiFi and hotspot can work together in some Android devices with OS support and capable hardware such as a WiFi card that can operate in two modes at once. This can … Read more

Does Factory Reset Remove Root?

Rooting your phone can give you access to features and apps you previously didn’t have. Once in a while, however, you may need to factory reset your phone, e.g. if it’s getting slower or buggy. Will a factory reset remove root from your Android device? A factory reset cannot remove the root. Factory data reset … Read more