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The Phone Home Button Keeps Pressing Itself

The Phone Home Button Keeps Pressing Itself

Sometimes your phone home button keeps pressing itself, resulting in many applications and functions on the phone ending or hanging without closing properly. This also brings your phone back to the home screen again and again, preventing you from using your phone properly.

A home button continuously pressing itself often happens because of an issue on the Logic Board where the Home Button is located and is making contact with the Board. Another common cause is a fault in the digitizer located under the back or the home button. 

Also, when the device reaches a certain temperature, the home button often gets activated, which brings the user to the home screen.

Read on for some tips on how to fix the issue of your phone home button pressing itself.

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What causes a phone to press itself?

A common issue faced by many touch screen users on both Android and iPhone is the home button pressing itself. There can be multiple reasons behind this problem, the most common being:

  • Defect in the home button
  • The home button and the Logic Board behind it are connecting causing the touch
  • The device overheats due to multiple hours of usage. 
  • The phone needs a reset
  • Phone software needs to be updated
  • Poor charger and charging cable
  • The screen protector needs changing

Why is my iPhone pressing buttons by itself?

iPhone is a phenomenal device in terms of functionality and performance. However, many users complain that the iPhone is either clicking on its own or the home button keeps pressing – also known as ghost touch. 

The reason for this faulty behavior on the iPhone is generally due to one of the causes listed above.

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How do I fix the ghost touch on my Android phone?

 Here are some steps to help fix the ghost touch on Android: 

  • Keep your phone screen tidy and clean
  • Take short breaks during screen time
  • Replace the screen of your phone
  • If you have tried all the options given above, try changing your charger to a high-quality one.
  • Take your phone to the service center

How do I get rid of ghost touch on my iPhone?

There are multiple solutions to solve the issue of ghost touch on your iPhone:

1. Force restart your iPhone

If your iPhone is pressing the home button on its own then the first thing you can do to solve this problem is to force restart it.

  1. Press the button volume up and down
  2. Now press sleep until the screen turns blank and the logo of Apple appears.
  3. As soon as the logo appears release it

2. Keep your iPhone screen clean to avoid this issue

One major reason that the iPhone keeps pressing itself is the presence of water or dust on the screen. Thus, try to keep your screen clean all the time.

3. Reset iPhone setting to resolve self clicking problem

If you are encountering the ghost touch issue one your iPhone, the best way to get rid of it is by resetting it. Besides resetting your phone, it will typically resolve the ghost touch issue. Make sure to make a backup first, then follow these steps:

  1. Go to App Settings and then to General
  2. You will find the reset option over there
  3. Click the option of Reset All Settings

4. Fix iPhone Ghost touch without losing data

As the ghost touch issue is quite common in the iPhone, there are various apps like Tenorshare ReiBoot to solve this problem without causing any data loss. 

With a few simple steps, you can prevent your iPhone from clicking the home button on your own.

What happens when the home button is pressed in Android?

What happens when the home button is pressed in Android?

Once the home button is pressed in Android, it switches the user from the current app to the home screen of the phone, leaving that application to function in the background. It is similar to switching between various windows when we are using a Windows PC.

When this happens constantly, it not only affects your experience, but your phone may also goe low on memory as most of the memory is consumed by the apps sent by the home button to run in the background.

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Phone home button clicking multiple times

Another problem that is faced by smartphone users is the clicking of the home button multiple times. When the home button is clicked, instead of one click, it clicks multiple times.

You can try this simple hack which might resolve this issue. 

Step 1: take a few drops of rubbing alcohol on your fingertip and click the home button which has alcohol on it.

Step 2:  In a circular motion, rub your finger on the home button; make sure you are continuously pushing it, allowing the alcohol to enter the home button. 

This can help to solve the issue of the home button pressing many times.

The lock button keeps pressing itself

Just like the home button, the lock button keeps pressing itself, locking the phone repeatedly.

This can happen because the lock button is loose or faulty. Here are two solutions for this problem:

1.      Your lock/power button needs replacement. Do it yourself or get it done from the service center.
2.      Press your lock button hard 5 to 6 times, this may sound strange but it sometimes fixes the issue by tightening the button.

The back button keeps pressing itself

Some users experience the back button firing by itself, which causes going back to the main screen or closing the current app. In either case, it makes the device largely unusable.

Here are some solutions that can solve this issue:

  • Reset your cache or factory reset your phone
  • Let your device cool down
  • Disable Wi-Fi or data connections
  • Update your phone software
  • Disable all the normal sensor buttons and enable the on-screen navigation

The home button keeps activating Siri

In some cases when you press the home button or click it a little too long, it may activate the Siri feature of your phone. It can be frustrating if your phone launches Siri when you don’t want it to.

Try these simple steps to avoid this happening again and again:

1.     Open Settings
2.      Search for Siri and Search
3.      Turn off the tab of Press Home for Siri
4.      Now press the button “Turn Off Siri” from the the bottom of your screen

Sometimes, there are hardware issues that cannot be sorted on your own. If none of the above methods works, consider having your phone checked by a professional.