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Why Has My Lock Screen Changed? (Android)

Why Has My Lock Screen Changed? (Android)

Every time you need to use your phone, you go through the lock screen to unlock your device. You might notice the elements displayed on your lock screen, e.g the wallpaper, the clock, or some other element, sometimes change by themselves.

Your Lock screen may have changed because it’s customized to automatically change the wallpaper after certain intervals or when you wake your phone. This could be due to the use of the built-in wallpaper feature or an app. You may also have made changes to the clock or other lock screen features. 

Read on for more about the built-in wallpaper and lock screen features on different devices.

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Why does my wallpaper change by itself?

If the wallpaper on your Lock screen is changing automatically, the following could be the reasons:

Built-in wallpaper feature is enabled

The built-in feature on your phone to automatically change wallpaper may be enabled (keep reading for more). 

Depending on your smartphone manufacturer, the feature has different names such as Dynamic Lock screen on Samsung devices, or Magazine unlock on Huawei mobiles.

A wallpaper app is being used

You are using a wallpaper app on your phone that can change the wallpaper on the Lock screen after a default or preset time. The interval could also have been modified by you or another user.

How do I stop my wallpaper from changing automatically?

Depending on the reasons specified above, you can turn off the feature to change wallpaper by itself through your phone’s settings. See further below in this post for how to do this on a Huawei or Samsung smartphone. 

You can also make changes in the settings of the wallpaper app to stop changing wallpaper automatically or turn off its switch. For example, in the popular Walpy wallpaper app available from the Play Store:

  1. Open the Walpy app.
  2. Tap on the Settings icon located on the screen’s bottom right corner.
  3. Turn off the switch to auto-change wallpapers on the top.

You can also simply uninstall the app if you don’t need it to deactivate wallpaper. More about the Walpy app in the last section of this post. 

How do I get my Background to change automatically?

In the settings of the built-in wallpaper feature on your device, you can set the background image to change automatically on the Lock screen after a certain time interval using Wi-Fi or mobile data. This could range from a few minutes to every week or month as specified by the manufacturer.

You need to turn on the wallpaper auto-updating or auto-changing switch or select the relevant Lock screen setting on your phone to enable the feature. You can also specify the conditions such as downloading wallpapers over Wi-Fi only. 

You can also download and install a wallpaper app from the Play Store (e.g. Zedge) and enable the auto-change feature in the app settings.

What is Magazine unlock?

Magazine Unlock is a feature found in Huawei devices that provides a changed image on the Lock screen every time you unlock your device. It has been so named because it’s like changing pages of a magazine.

The images are automatically updated over Wi-Fi and you can choose from different categories such as Leica photography, Travel, and Transportation. You can also add images from your Gallery to display on the Lock screen.

How to enable/disable Magazine unlock on Huawei devices

  • Go to Settings>Home screen & wallpaper>Magazine Unlock.
  • Turn the switch on/off to enable and disable the feature. 

Wallpaper Carousel is the official app by Xiaomi that can set up a collection of HD photos as wallpapers that rotate on the Lock screen. Thus, you will see a new photo on your Lock screen depending on the period you have set.

Wallpaper Carousel is a preinstalled app on Xiaomi devices and currently, it’s not possible to uninstall it, though you can force stop it or clear its data.

The app will not function in all the Xiaomi devices such as those coming with the Global version of MIUI Android skin. It’s limited to some devices such as those with the Chinese version of MIUI.

However, you change the region in the Settings of your phone to make it work.

The option to uninstall it is not available since the last system update. To uninstall the app, your device would need to be rooted.. 

Why is my lock screen zoomed in on Android?

Many Android users experience a zoomed-in Lock screen. it can be the result of the zooming being enabled on your device. This means that the setting related to magnification gestures is turned on and you need to turn it off.

You may have accidentally activated the zooming effect yourself or while your phone is in your pocket.

Things you can do to unzoom your lock screen

  • Triple tap on the Lock screen with one finger to zoom out and make the Lock screen appear normal.
  • To prevent the zoomed-in Lock screen from occurring repeatedly on a Samsung device, go to Settings>Accessibility>Vision>Magnification Gestures and turn the setting off. On other Android devices, you can search for this setting and turn it off. 

Can you change your lock screen clock?

You can customize your Lock screen clock on many smartphones including Xiaomi and Samsung.

For instance, in Xiaomi models, you can change the clock layout using various options provided. In Samsung models, you can change the clock type (i.e. digital vs analog clock options) and the color.

You can find these options by heading over to Settings>Lock screen and choosing the desired option for changing your Lock screen clock. 

How do I move the clock on my Android lock screen?

Specifically concerning Samsung Galaxy devices, you can move and change the position of the Lock screen clock as you like. For this, you can install an app called “Good Lock” from the Galaxy Store and use the LockStar component of the app by following these steps:

  1. Open the Galaxy Store and search for the Good Lock app. Tap on the first result that appears and download and install it.
  2. Open the app and install the LockStar component by tapping on the download icon next to it.
  3. Once downloaded and installed, tap on the LockStar option and turn its switch on at the top.
  4. Tap on Edit Portrait Lock screen and a screen will appear in which you can position the clock anywhere by dragging.
  5. You can also choose from various clock styles by tapping Clock on the screen’s bottom.
  6. Once done, you can tap Save and view the clock changes you have made to the Lock screen.

How do I change my lock screen widgets?

Lock screen widgets provide rapid access to specific information without needing to open the associated apps. You can change your Lock screen widgets on devices like Samsung Galaxy smartphones in the following ways:

  1. Navigate to Settings>Lock screen>Widgets.
  2. Turn on the widgets that you want to appear on the Lock screen.
  3. You can also reorder the widgets to modify the sequence they will appear on the Lock screen. Tap on the Reorder option at the top and hold up and down the widget’s name to change its order.

Tap the clock on the Lock screen to view these widgets. You can also view them by tapping the clock on the Always on Display on your Samsung device.

How do I clear my widgets?

You can turn off the switches for the widgets you don’t want to show on the Lock screen.

For example in Samsung devices, you can go to the widget settings as described above and disable all the widgets so that they don’t show up on the Lock screen and Always on Display. 

How do I change the live wallpaper on my Samsung?

Live wallpapers contain animation and they make your phone livelier and more personalized. If you use a Samsung Galaxy device, you can use your videos to set and change live wallpapers on the Lock screen by following the steps:

  1. Open the Gallery app and select the video that you want to set as the live wallpaper.
  2. Tap on three dots on the top-right of the screen.
  3. In the menu that appears, tap on Set as wallpaper.
  4. As you can have videos of up to 15 seconds to show on the Lock screen, you need to shorten the video if it’s longer. Tap on the scissor icon on the screen to select the video’s part that you need to apply and then tap on Done.
  5. A new copy of the selected video will be created and saved on your device. Tap on Set on Lock screen to apply the live wallpaper. 
  6. Repeat the above steps for other videos. 

What is dynamic lock screen Samsung?

Dynamic Lock Screen is a feature on Samsung Galaxy phones that lets you change the wallpaper automatically on the Lock screen every time you wake your device.

You can choose a category of images that includes Landscapes, Food, Pets, and Art. From the selected category, varying images are displayed on your Lock screen.

The wallpapers are updated automatically every two weeks. This feature requires an internet connection to download images – you can specify whether this should be done over wifi or mobile data.

To enable Dynamic Lock Screen, go to Settings>Lock screen> Wallpaper services and select the desired option. Select None if you want to turn this feature off. 

What is Glance lock screen?

Glance on Samsung is a Lock screen feature on Samsung devices that allows you to view content in the form of Lock screen stories. It means that interesting content appears on the Lock screen along with a new and appealing image every time you wake up your phone.

The content may be in the form of text, and the video is often associated with an image. You can view the entire content and video and swipe through more images on your Lock screen.

You can select multiple story topics to view the related content in the Glance settings. 

How do I remove Glance from lock screen on Samsung?

You can remove Glance from the Lock screen on Samsung as follows: 

  1. Open Settings>Lock Screen>Wallpaper services.
  2. Deselect the Glance option on Samsung. You can set it to None if you don’t require Lock screen wallpaper to change.
  3. Tap on Apply. 

What are some of the best apps for lock screen wallpaper?

You will find lots of Lock screen wallpaper apps on the Play Store that offer countless collections of images and videos to set on your device. The following apps will help to customize your Lock screen and bring it to life.

Zedge Wallpapers & Ringtones

Zedge app has an enormous collection of wallpapers, video wallpapers, ringtones, and notification sounds. This makes it a multi-purpose Android customization app.


Walpy is an ad-free app that brings a large collection of high-quality wallpapers to use on your Lock screen.

Wallpapers (Google)

“Wallpapers” is a Google app that offers different Lock screen wallpapers in different categories. There is also an option to turn on daily wallpaper from the chosen collections.


Tapet is a unique wallpaper app that generates high-quality backgrounds that you set on your Lock screen. You can select a random one or allow the app to generate it for you every hour or day.