Do I Need To Activate An Unlocked Phone?

An unlocked phone is not restricted to a carrier and gives you a choice to switch to another network provider. If you buy a new unlocked phone, do you need to activate it in order to switch to your preferred carrier? You must activate an unlocked phone to make it active on the carrier’s network. … Read more

Android Touch Screen Not Working After Water [how to fix]

Have you dropped your phone in the water or spilled some liquid over it, resulting in your touchscreen not working even though the phone does power on? To fix your touchscreen after your phone got wet, try these steps: turn off your phone, remove the SIM and microSD card, dry the device thoroughly with a … Read more

Why Does My Alarm Only Vibrate (Android)?

Your phone is not on silent mode and all the notification sounds are enabled. But the alarm only vibrates without any sound. Why? The alarms have their personalized settings and have nothing to do with the phone’s sound settings. If your alarm only vibrates on your Android phone, you might have enabled the vibration mode … Read more

What Is The Difference Between Power Off And Airplane Mode?

When, at the start of a flight, you’re asked to either power off your phone or put it into airplane mode, you may wonder what’s the difference between the two and which one to choose. Powering off your phone means switching it off completely, analogous to your phone battery being dead. When the phone is … Read more

Does Updating Your Phone Make It Faster?

Phone and software companies provide new updates for the systems to improve performance and add enhanced features. But do updates make your phone faster? Sometimes, updating your phone can also result in slowing down the performance and lead to unexpected issues.  If you have a new phone compatible with new updates, updating the OS can … Read more

The Phone Home Button Keeps Pressing Itself

Sometimes your phone home button keeps pressing itself, resulting in many applications and functions on the phone ending or hanging without closing properly. This also brings your phone back to the home screen again and again, preventing you from using your phone properly. A home button continuously pressing itself often happens because of an issue … Read more

How To See Missed Calls When Phone Is On Airplane Mode?

Whether you’re using an Android phone, an iPhone, a tablet, or any other device, putting the device on airplane mode prevents it from receiving calls and texts. But is there a way to see the calls you’ve missed while in that mode? Depending on the features included in your service plan,once you turn off flight … Read more