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Samsung S24 Ultra: What Does The AI Do Anyway?

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra was officially announced at Samsung’s Unpacked event on January 17, 2024. It succeeds the popular Galaxy S23 Ultra as Samsung’s new flagship phone.

Some of the key features of the S24 Ultra include a 6.8-inch Dynamic AMOLED display with a resolution of 1440×3200. It is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor in the US and China.

The phone has a improved 200MP main camera along with two 12MP lenses and a 10x optical zoom lens.

The S24 Ultra also features a 5,000mAh battery and comes with up to 1TB of storage. It runs the latest version of Android with Samsung’s One UI on top. Pricing for the Galaxy S24 Ultra starts at $1299.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra has powerful AI-driven features in several key areas:

  • Camera and photography
  • Battery management
  • Performance optimization
  • Voice assistant
  • Security features
  • User experience customization
  • Health and fitness tracking
  • Translation and language support

Let’s go over each of these areas.

Camera and photography

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra’s camera and photography are greatly enhanced by AI, offering a much more advanced experience than the S22 or S23. This AI makes taking and editing photos easier and the results are better.

The AI takes better photos in low light. It can take clear and bright pictures even in dark places, adjusting settings automatically to avoid dark or blurry photos.

It also has faster autofocus. The AI focuses on subjects quickly and accurately, so you can take sharp pictures of moving things, like pets or sports, without them looking blurry.

The AI’s improved portrait mode can better separate the person you’re photographing from the background. This makes the subject stand out more, with a nicely blurred background. While the S22 and S23 did this too, the S24 Ultra does it with more accuracy.

Smart scene recognition is another feature. The AI can recognize different scenes, like beaches or forests, and automatically adjust settings to make the photo look its best.

Finally, the AI offers better editing suggestions. After you take a photo, it suggests ways to improve it, like adjusting brightness or adding filters. These suggestions are smarter and more useful than in the S23.

Battery management

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra uses AI to manage its battery in a smart way. This AI is much better than what was in the S22 or S23. Here’s how it changes things for the user:

The AI learns how you use your phone. It sees which apps you use most and when you use them. Then, it adjusts the power use based on this. For example, if you often play games in the evening, the AI makes sure the phone has enough power for that time. This was not as advanced in the S22 or S23.

Also, the AI can close apps running in the background that you’re not using. This saves battery. The S24 Ultra does this more smartly than older models.

The AI also helps the battery last longer over time. It controls how the phone charges to keep the battery healthy. This means your phone’s battery won’t get worse as quickly as it did in the S22 or S23.

In short, the AI in the Galaxy S24 Ultra means you don’t have to worry as much about your phone’s battery.

Performance optimization

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra uses AI for performance optimization, making it work smoother and faster than the S22 or S23. This AI makes a big difference in how the phone feels to use.

The AI keeps an eye on how you use your phone. It learns which apps you use the most and how you use them. Then, it makes sure those apps run really well.

For example, if you use a certain app a lot for work, the AI helps that app open faster and run without slowing down. This was not as smart in the S22 or S23.

The AI also manages the phone’s memory. It closes apps you’re not using so they don’t slow down the phone. The S24 Ultra does this more effectively than older models.

The AI can also predict when you’ll need more power. Say you start a game: the AI boosts the phone’s power right away for a smooth gaming experience.

Voice assistant

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra’s Voice Assistant is powered by AI, and it’s a lot better than what you’d find in the S23, with a different and improved experience. Here’s what’s new:

The AI understands what you say more accurately. Even if you speak in a noisy place or have an accent, it gets what you’re saying. This wasn’t as good in the older models.

Also, the AI can handle more complex commands. You can ask it to do several things at once, like sending a message and setting a reminder, and it gets it all done.

The voice assistant now gives better answers too. It understands context better. If you ask a follow-up question, it remembers what you were talking about. This makes conversations feel more natural and smoother than earlier models.

Lastly, the AI learns from your habits. It gets to know the things you ask for often and becomes quicker and more helpful over time. This all makes talking to your phone more natural and helpful.

Security features

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra has AI-powered security features that are a big step up from the S23, making the phone more secure with a better experience.

The AI improves face recognition. It can tell it’s you even in different lighting or if you change your look. This is more advanced than in the S22 and S23.

It also watches for unusual activity. If something odd happens, like an unknown login attempt, the AI quickly spots it and warns you – quicker and smarter the the older models.

The AI can also learn the places where you usually use your phone. If it notices a login from an unusual place, it checks if it’s really you. This helps prevent someone else from getting into your phone.

The AI also keeps your private information safe. It can tell when an app is trying to access your data without permission and stops it.

User experience customization

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra uses AI to customize your user experience, making it more personal than what you’d find in the S22 or S23.

The AI learns what you like. It watches which apps you use most and how you use your phone. Then, it arranges your apps and settings to suit your style.

It also suggests content you might like. Based on what you usually watch or read, the AI recommends similar things. The suggestions are smarter and more on-point than in older models.

The AI adjusts settings for you. For example, if you often turn down the brightness at night, the AI starts doing it for you. It picks up on these small habits to make your phone more comfortable to use.

It also gives you helpful reminders and information based on what you do. If you have a meeting, the AI might remind you about it or show the weather for that day.

Health and fitness tracking

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra has AI-enhanced health and fitness tracking, offering a more advanced experience than what was available in the S22 or S23.

The AI tracks your fitness activities more accurately. It can tell what kind of exercise you’re doing and measures things like steps, distance, and calories burned much more precisely than in the S22 and S23.

It also gives personalized health tips. Based on your activity and health data, the AI suggests workouts, diet tips, and relaxation techniques.

The AI monitors your health trends. It looks at your data over time and notices things like changes in your sleep pattern or activity level. The S22 and S23 had basic tracking, but the S24 Ultra goes deeper.

The AI can also remind you to stay active or take a break. If you’ve been sitting too long, it nudges you to move. It has a more proactive approach to health reminders than the previous models.

Translation and language support

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra’s AI significantly enhances translation and language support vs the S23. This feature makes it easier to understand and communicate in different languages.

The AI translates languages more accurately. Whether you’re reading a text or listening to someone speak, the translation is closer to the real meaning.

It also works faster. The AI quickly translates languages in real-time, so you don’t have to wait. This is especially helpful in conversations.

The AI understands context better. It looks at the whole conversation or text to make sure the translation makes sense.

It can also handle different accents and dialects, so it can understand and translate a wide range of speech patterns.