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Is The Titanium Apple Watch Worth It?

Is The Titanium Apple Watch Worth It?

The titanium Apple Watch is the luxurious edition of the Apple Watch. It comes in two different colors – space black and natural titanium – and has some advantages over other Apple Watch models. 

Read further to know how the titanium Apple Watch differs from the other models and to decide if spending extra money on a titanium model is worth it for you.

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What are the variants the Apple Watch is available in?

The Apple Watch is currently available in three different case materials: 

  • aluminum
  • stainless steel
  • titanium. 

When you want to purchase an Apple Watch, you must decide on which case material you prefer. The three finishes available have slight differences and, needless to say, differ in terms of prices as well. 


Aluminum is the most affordable model, and the most popular one. Although it is an economical option, aluminum does not fall short of the premium look that Apple products are known for. 

Manufactured from 100% recycled aluminum, the aluminum watches are available in five colors with a matt finish: red, green, starlight, midnight, and blue. 

Aluminum watches are more prone to scratching. However, the matt finish does a good job of hiding these scratches and marks. 

Stainless Steel

The next best seller is the stainless steel variant. It costs more than the aluminum model, but it has a shinier finish and is more durable.  

Unlike the funky colors of the aluminum models, the color range for the stainless steel watches comes in only three formal-look options: silver, gold, and graphite. 


Titanium is the most durable of all three options. It’s crack-resistant and able to withstand heavy blows.

The titanium watches are shinier than the aluminum ones, duller than the stainless steel ones, and come in two colors only: space black and natural titanium. 

In terms of weight, titanium watches are lighter than the stainless steel models but heavier than the aluminum ones by around 5 grams. Those 5 grams might not seem like a lot to you, but for athletes like runners for example, they make a lot of difference. 

Is it worth buying the titanium Apple Watch?

Is it worth buying the titanium Apple Watch?

Whether buying the titanium Apple Watch is worth it or not is relative and subjective. A titanium watch might be a good option for some, while it may not be worth it for others. 

Titanium watches, among all three options, are the most resistant to scratches. However, their glossy finish makes fingerprints and minor scratches obvious. 

Aluminum watches, on the other hand, scratch easily but their matt finish tends to hide those scratches.

Titanium watches are lightweight and more durable. The difference in weight becomes more noticeable when you wear your watch for extended periods or during workouts.

Another factor to consider is how long you plan to use your Apple Watch. If you are a person who is always upgrading to the latest model, then paying a premium for the titanium model might not be worth it. 

To sum it all up, if you want a durable, strong, crack-resistant, and lightweight watch that will last for years, then titanium might be a good idea for you.

It is worth mentioning that the premium price you will pay for a titanium watch gets you an additional year of warranty and an extra band, so that is also something to consider when deciding.

What is the price difference between Ti and other versions?

Titanium watches have the highest price tag. They start at $799 in the USA. Stainless Steel watches are next, with their prices starting at $699. The aluminum watches are the least expensive, starting at $399. 

The titanium watches come with an additional sports band, so basically the price difference between the stainless steel and titanium watches is only around $50, taking into consideration that the price of the band is around $50.

Is the ti more durable than others?

Titanium is more durable than the others. Here’s why:

  • It’s five times stronger than most of the other metals making it a good option for those who workout and their watches are susceptible to heavy blows
  • It’s corrosion-resistant. It will not rust or corrode
  • It handles heat well because of its high melting point
  • It is scratch-resistant because it is coated with DLC (diamond-like carbon) metal coating

Moreover, the titanium Apple Watch features a sapphire front crystal that is crack-resistant, as opposed to the aluminum model’s weaker lon-X front glass. 

What sets the titanium Apple Watch apart from the aluminum, stainless steel, Nike, and Hermes editions?

The Nike and Hermes editions are not any different than the standard Apple Watches in terms of their functionality. Apple simply markets the Nike and Hermes editions in collaboration with Nike and Hermes. 

These editions feature different strap designs and watch faces. Some models, such as the Nike edition, are good for sports and other physical activities as they are designed to provide more grip on the wrist. 

As far as the comparison of titanium with stainless steel and aluminum goes, there are a few aspects to consider.

  • Durability: The main feature that sets titanium casting apart from stainless steel and aluminum is increased durability. Titanium is a stronger material than most low and mid-grades of stainless steel and way stronger than aluminum.
  • Front Glass: Aluminum models feature lon-X front glass, while stainless steel and titanium variants feature sapphire front crystal. The latter is way more crack-resistant than the former. It adds to the titanium watches’ durability compared to the aluminum ones.
  • Weight: As mentioned earlier, the titanium watches are lighter than the stainless steel models but heavier than the aluminum ones by around 5 grams. This feature works wonders during workouts and sports. 
  • Finish: Titanium watches are shinier than aluminum watches. The shinier finish makes scratches and fingerprints more visible on the titanium watches. However, they are still not as shiny as stainless steel watches.
  • Extra Sports Band: Since the titanium watches are primarily targeted for sports and other physical activities, they come with an additional sports band.  They also come with an additional year of warranty.

    If you plan on using your Apple Watch long-term and won’t be switching to the newest model as soon as it is out, the prolonged warranty and the additional band are a good deal.

Are titanium watches better than stainless steel?

Titanium and stainless steel watches each have their own set of pros and cons. 

Titanium Apple Watches cost around $100 more than the stainless steel ones. As mentioned, for that price you also get an additional year of warranty as well as an extra band.

If you are concerned about your Apple Watch’s weight, a titanium watch might be a good option as it is lighter in weight. People who have used both models during workouts and sports report that titanium watches are way better in terms of lightness. 

 Sticking with a stainless steel watch might be a good idea if you are concerned about scratches and fingerprints being more visible on it. 

Is the Titanium Series 5 Apple Watch worth $200 more than the stainless steel with the same band?

A titanium Apple Watch does not cost $200 more than the stainless steel watch with the same band. The price difference is only around $100. 

Stainless steel watches start at around $699 in the USA, while titanium watches start at around $799. The only difference is in the case material used. The functions are the same. 

If you buy a titanium watch, the extra $100 gets you not only the titanium material, but also an additional year of warranty and an extra band.

Does the steel bracelet scratch the bottom of the titanium Watch?

People who have owned titanium watches for a substantial period generally do not complain about the steel bracelet of the watch scratching the bottom of the titanium watch. 

It is possible for steel to scratch titanium, even though it is the most resistant material to scratches. To improve its hardness, the titanium Apple Watch is coated with DLC (diamond-like carbon) which provides it with properties like that of diamonds, such as strength and durability. 

Shallow scratches can be buffed out easily using a titanium scratch removal pen and a titanium watch refinishing pad. Deeper scratches, need to be filled by a professional.