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How To Fix iMessage Not Saying Delivered

How To Fix iMessage Not Saying Delivered

Messages between Apple devices are mainly sent via a messaging service known as iMessage. As opposed to regular text messages, which are sent using cell service, iMessage uses your cellular data or Wifi. 

You cannot really tell if a regular text message was delivered, but iMessage puts a little text with “Delivered” or “Read” underneath your message which gives you that information. 

If your iMessages are not being delivered, it may be due to two main reasons. 

1) The issue may be on the recipient’s side

These are some easy fixes:

  • Wait a while for the message to get delivered, as it might be a temporary connection issue with your recipient. 
  • Send your message as a text message as opposed to an iMessage. This is a good option if the recipient’s iMessage is turned off.
    To do so, press and hold the undelivered message until the option to “Send as Text Message” appears and then click on that.

2) The issue may be on your (the sender’s) side

You may not be not connected to WiFi or have no cellular data. If so, make sure you do have access to the internet before sending your iMessage.

Keep reading for more on how to get rid of the issue and why it might be happening. 

Why do some messages say “delivered” whereas some say “read”?

Any iMessage that has been delivered to the recipient will have “Delivered” written underneath it. 

Read receipts, on the other hand, show if and when the recipient opened and read the given message. 

However, for a message to have “Read” along with the timestamp underneath it, the user must have Read recipients turned on. 

Read receipts can be turned on for everyone or only for specific contacts. To turn your read receipts on or off, go to Settings > Messages and use the slider to either turn on or turn off “Send Read Receipts”

To turn read receipts on for a specific person only: 

  • Open Messages
  • Open the conversation with the person
  • Click on the info button in the top right corner of the page
  • Use the slider to turn “Send Read Receipts” on or off 

How do you not show that you read a message on iMessage?

To not show that you read a message, make sure your read receipts are turned off by going to  Settings > Messages and use the slider to either turn on or turn off “Send Read Receipts” as shown in the picture above.

What does it mean when iMessage is sent but doesn’t say delivered?

An iMessage might be taking a while to send due to a couple of reasons. One may be that you are sending too many messages in a row, including photos, resulting in your device being overwhelmed. 

Another reason could be that your WiFi connection or your data network is slow. If so, the data network speed indicator in the top left corner of the screen will indicate this. For example if it’s showing “E”, it means your connection is slower than 4G speed.  

However, soon after your message is sent, you should see a “delivered” or “Not Delivered” message, or you might get a notification saying “Message failed to send”. 

In this case, you might want to send it as a Text Message. To do so, first make sure that your settings allow the sending of SMS. Check by going to Settings > Messages and using the slider to turn on the option:

Then go back to your conversation with the person you are messaging and press on the message that failed to send until the option to “Send as Text Message” shows up, and select that option.

Does a delivered text mean it was read?

When a message has been delivered, there is no way of telling whether it was or was not read – unless of course you see the “read” notification.

Why does my iMessage say delivered but not received?

If the text you sent says delivered but the other person is saying they did not receive it, it is possible that they really did not. 

If they are using their Apple ID on multiple devices, it is possible that the message was only delivered to some of them. For example, it could have been delivered to their iPad but not their iPhone. 

If iMessage doesn’t say “delivered” when I send it, will it tell me when it is delivered?

Once your message is delivered to the recipient, it will show as delivered. However, you will not receive a notification that the message went through, you will need to go back to the conversation and check the status of the message. 

Will an iMessage appear as delivered if the recipient’s device is dead?

An iMessage will only appear as delivered if the recipient is signed into their Apple ID and has “Text Message Forwarding” turned on. To turn on Text Message Forwarding, go to Settings > Messages and use the slider to return it on.

If so, and if for example the recipient’s iPhone is out of battery whereas their iPad is turned on and connected to WiFi, your iMessage will get delivered on the iPad. As a result, the message will appear as delivered on the sender’s device. 

If, on the other hand, the dead device is the only device that is signed into their iCloud, your iMessage will not show as delivered. 

How to fix “iMessage not delivered” on iPhone

  • Check that you are connected to WiFi or have cellular data (4G etc.)
  • Turn your iMessage off and on again by going to Settings > Messages and then using the slider to turn them off and back on.
  • Force restart your device by doing the following:

    For iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, or iPhone 12:
    To force restart your device, press and quickly release the volume up button, then press and quickly release the volume down button and then press and hold the side button until the Apple logo appears.

    For Phone SE, iPhone 8, 7 or lower:
    To force restart your device, press and hold your home button and the side button at the same time until the Apple logo appears.

How do you hide “Delivered” on iMessage?

You can hide “Read” but you cannot hide “Delivered” as it comes from the iMessage servers. 

However, you can delete the message by pressing and holding it until the option to delete shows up. 

Can someone turn off iMessage for just one contact?

It is not possible to turn iMessage off for just one person. You can however mute someone so as not to receive notifications from their messages. 

To do so, open the Messages app and slide left on the conversation with the person you want to mute. Click on the crossed out bell to mute the conversation. 

See also: Why is my iMessage not working with only one person?

Am I blocked if iMessage doesn’t say delivered?

if an iMessage is appearing as sent but not displaying “Delivered”, it could mean the recipient has blocked you. 

However, it is best to wait for a few hours before drawing any conclusion as the person may simply be offline for a while, which might explain why your message is not showing as “Delivered”.. 

Do blocked Imessages get delivered?

Messages from blocked users will not appear as delivered on their device. If you are looking for a sign that you have been blocked, examine the “Delivered” notes. 

For example, if there are iMessages that got delivered normally earlier, while current ones are showing without the “Delivered” note., you may have been blocked.  

Do blocked messages get delivered when unblocked?

Messages sent to a recipient who has blocked you will not get delivered even after they unblock you. Once you’re unblocked by the recipient, you will need to resend your messages for them to get delivered. 

If you block someone and they send you messages in the period when they are blocked, you will not receive those messages even when you unblock the person. The blocked person will have to resend their messages when they are unblocked for these to get delivered.