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Can You Switch Straight Talk Phone to AT&T ?

Can You Switch Straight Talk Phone to AT&T ?

Straight Talk is a popular prepaid carrier that offers excellent rates on service. If you have a Straight Talk phone, you may wonder if you can use it with AT&T service.

To switch your Straight Talk phone to AT&T, your device must be compatible with the AT&T network. Secondly, you need to make sure that it is unlocked to AT&T. If not, you will have to unlock it using an authorization code you can obtain from Straight Talk’s customer service.

What is Straight Talk?

Straight talk is a wireless network carrier and a MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) owned by TracFone. 

MVNO means that it doesn’t own or run any network of its own but works with other service providers by using their towers.

In addition to supporting both GSM and CDMA devices, Straight Talk works with all the major network providers, including AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint.

The company offers several no-contract plans on one-month top-ups that range from basic call, text, restricted data, to  unlimited data. Straight Talk also sells budget-friendly devices.

Is Straight Talk affiliated with AT&T?

Straight Talk is not affiliated with AT&T. Straight Talk uses the networks of multiple carriers, including AT&T, but it is not owned by any of them. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of TracFone Wireless, Inc. 

How to switch from straight talk to AT&T?

If you’re a current Straight Talk customer and wish to switch to AT&T, here is  what you need to do.

  1. Purchase a new AT&T SIM card online or at an AT&T store.
  2. Activate the SIM by following the instructions that come with it.
  3. Once activated, call Straight Talk customer service to cancel your service. 
  4. Next, go to the AT&T website or call AT&T customer service to sign up for a new plan. 
  5. Finally, insert your new SIM card into your phone and start using the AT&T service.

One important thing to remember is that if your Straight Talk device is AT&T branded, it will most likely be unlocked and will start working as soon as the SIM is inserted.

However, switching from another carrier to AT&T, you will have to unlock your device first.

To port an existing Straight Talk Number to AT&T, follow these steps.

1. Request a porting authorization code from Straight Talk.

2. Contact AT&T and forward them the code received from Straight Talk and your account information to start the procedure.

It typically takes a few hours for the process to complete, although in some cases it may take 24 hours or more due to system limitations.

Will a Straight Talk sim card work in an AT&T Phone?

There are a few things to consider when determining whether or not a Straight Talk sim card will work in an AT&T phone. 

First, Straight Talk uses the AT&T network, so coverage should be identical. However, AT&T uses a different 3G frequency than Straight Talk, so if your phone is not compatible with that frequency, you may experience slower data speeds. 

Additionally, AT&T phones typically come locked to their network, meaning you’ll need to contact AT&T to have the phone unlocked before using it with a Straight Talk sim card. 

As long as your phone is compatible with the AT&T network and is unlocked, you should be able to use a Straight Talk sim card without any issues.

Can I switch my Straight Talk phone to another carrier?

You can switch your Straight Talk phone to another carrier, but you need to unlock the phone to that carrier first. In addition, your number has to be active in the Straight Talk database.

Once you have unlocked the phone, you can use it with any carrier that uses the same type of network (e.g., GSM or CDMA). 

For most devices, these are the steps for unlocking:

1. Send a request for an unlock code.

2. Your device must be in working condition without any missing or fraudulent reports.

3. Your device must have consumed uninterrupted Straight Talk service during the last 12 months, and your number shouldn’t have been transferred or reused.

4. Your Straight Talk device should have been launched and activated after February 2015.

5. Your unlock request must be sent either when the service is active or within 2 months after it expires.

If your device fulfills these requirements, it is eligible to be unlocked.

What carrier can I switch my Straight Talk phone to?

There are a few different carriers you can switch your Straight Talk phone to depending on your phone type.  If you have a GSM phone, you can switch to any GSM carrier, such as AT&T and T-Mobile.

If you have a CDMA phone, you can switch to any CDMA carrier, such as Verizon and Sprint. 

To be able to switch your Straight Talk phone to another carrier, your number must be currently in use and active in the Straight Talk system. If it’s deactivated, you’ll have to activate it again to be able to port it.

Also , your information in both Straight Talk and the new carrier’s database must coincide.  

How long does it take to port a number from Straight Talk?

Porting a phone number from Straight Talk to another carrier can be completed in minutes.

First, you must request a porting authorization code from Straight Talk customer service. You will have to provide your “Account Number” and “PIN”.

Once received, you will have to provide the code and account information to the new carrier to start the porting process.

In most cases, it only takes up to 24 hours, though it may take longer if there are issues with your account or the porting process itself.

One important thing to bear in mind is that your number must have remained in use during the last 30 days.

Inactivity in the last 30 days can lead to deactivation, which will make your number ineligible for transfer.

What is the unlock code for Straight Talk?

The default unlock code for most Straight Talk phones is either 0000 or the last four digits of your phone number. 

If none of these work, you will need to request an unlock code from the Straight Talk helpline.

Follow these steps to unlock your phone.

  1. Switch off your device.
  2. Replace your Straight Talk SIM with the other carrier’s SIM.
  3. Switch on your device.
  4. Type in the code when instructed.

If you didn’t purchase your device directly from Straight Talk, it may be already unlocked.

How much does it cost to unlock a Straight Talk phone?

The cost of unlocking a Straight Talk phone will vary depending on the specific phone model and carrier. 

If your Straight Talk phone has been active for 12 months and you do not have any outstanding balance, you should normally not be charged.

In most cases, you can expect to pay between $10 and $30 to have your phone unlocked. Some carriers may charge more for phones currently under contract.

How can I tell if my Straight Talk phone is unlocked by IMEI?

To find out if your Straight Talk phone is unlocked by IMEI, you first need to find your IMEI by dialing *#06# on your phone keypad. This will bring up a pop-up window containing your IMEI number. 

You can then enter this number into an online IMEI checker tool e.g. to see if your phone is unlocked. 

1. Browse to

2. Scroll down, enter your IMEI number, and tap “Check” to reveal if your device is locked or unlocked. 

If the tool shows your phone is locked, you need to contact Straight Talk’s customer service to request an unlock. 

How do I get my account number and PIN number from Straight Talk?

How do I get my account number and PIN number from Straight Talk?

Account and PIN number are required if you want to port your number to a new carrier. Here’s how to get your Account Number and PIN number from Straight Talk:

Account number

The account number is a 15-digit number different from your phone number. It is usually the IMEI, ESN, or MEID number of your device, which can be found somewhere on the back of the device – in some cases below the battery.

However, most recent phones don’t give you the option to remove the back cover, making it hard to find the account number. In that case, you can find the serial number in your device’s settings as follows:

1. Open device “Settings” > “My Device”.

2. Select “All Specs”.

3. Scroll down and tap “Status”.

4. Find “IMEI Number” at the bottom.

Another way to find your account number is by searching it on the Straight Talk website. Just log in to your account and search for “Add/Edit Nickname” to get the account number.

Another easy way to find the IMEI is to dial *#06# from your mobile. A dialogue box should open with that information.

PIN Number

The PIN Number is usually the last 4 digits of your Straight Talk number. It can also be found on the website of Straight Talk:

1. Log in to your Account.

2. Click “Update Personal Profile.”

3. Select “Current Security PIN” to reveal it.

Why can’t I port my number from Straight Talk?

If you are unable to port your number from Straight Talk, it may be because your number is inactive in the Straight Talk database. 

If your Straight Talk number hasn’t been in use, you cannot port it to another carrier, and you will have to reactivate it before you port it.

Another reason could be the service is not compatible with the carrier you’re trying to switch to. In order to port a number, both service providers must use the same technology and be able to connect to each other’s systems. 

This is not always possible, which is why some providers do not allow customers to port their numbers.

Note that if you bought your phone from Straight Talk and are unable to port your number to a new carrier, you may be able to do so after one year of service with the current carrier provided your device is compatible with the new carrier.

Which Straight Talk phones use AT&T towers?

Here is a list of all the Straight Talk phones that use AT&T towers.


iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone XS Max, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone XS, iPhone 12 Pro.


Galaxy A71, Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy S9, Galaxy S8 G950U, Galaxy S8+, Galaxy Express 3, Galaxy S10, Straight Talk Galaxy S9, Galaxy A11, Galaxy A21, Galaxy S20, Galaxy A51, Galaxy A03S, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S7, Galaxy Z Fold 2.


Blade 5, Spart AT&T Prepaid Go Phone, Maven 2, ZMAX 2, Blade A7s.


Velvet 5G, K8 Phoenix 2 K371, Phoenix 4, B470, Prepaid Carrier, K40 X420, K22+ LM-K200HAW, K51S, Q60, Q Stylus Alpha, G8X ThinQ, Q70.


20 SE 6.82, 10 SE, 20S.


Prepaid AT&T Axia, Prepaid Cingular Flip 2, Radiant Core U304AA, Radiant Core U304AA, Calypso 2, Maestro Max.


Google Pixel 4A.


 Note 6, Note 9P, Armor 8.


C1 Plus, G20, G50.


Flip, 3G Flip, 3G Senior Flip.


K30, Mate10+.


4044C, Cingular Flip 2.




G Play, One 5G Ace, G Power, G9 Power XT2091, G7 Play.


NUU B10, BLU G91, Blackview BV9900 Pro, Xiaomi Redmi 9, CUBOT Kingkong 5 Pro, Plum Rugged Flip Phone, RCA Reno Smartphone.

How long does it take to transfer a number from Straight Talk to T Mobile?

It can take between 10 minutes and 24 hours to transfer a number from Straight Talk to T-Mobile. If you are transferring multiple numbers, it may take anywhere between six and ten days.