Does AirDrop Use Data?

See also: Do Pictures Transfer With SIM Card? AirDrop is an iPhone feature which allows iOS users to share data between devices. It’s an informal way of sending files and media instantly to other users using Bluetooth and WiFi connections. However, like other iPhone users, you may be concerned that AirDrop will consume your data. … Read more

Can You Talk On An iPhone And Use Hotspot At The Same Time?

Every iPhone can work as a personal hotspot these days and you can connect a number of devices with it. This can be extremely handy e.g.if you need your laptop to be connected to the internet while on the go. But can you talk on your iPhone when it’s used as a hotspot?  You can … Read more

Does The SD Card Drain Battery?

Are you noticing a decline in the battery life after installing an SD card? Installing an SD card can affect your device’s performance. It depends on factors like the type of the card, maximum capacity, and read/write cycles. Using SD cards to install applications and lot of data can also slow down the performance, thus … Read more

What Is The Difference Between Power Off And Airplane Mode?

When, at the start of a flight, you’re asked to either power off your phone or put it into airplane mode, you may wonder what’s the difference between the two and which one to choose. Powering off your phone means switching it off completely, analogous to your phone battery being dead. When the phone is … Read more

Can Wifi And Hotspot Work Together?

Is it possible to use the WiFi and hotspot features together on your device in order to share your WiFi connection across multiple devices? WiFi and hotspot can work together in some Android devices with OS support and capable hardware such as a WiFi card that can operate in two modes at once. This can … Read more

Can An Android Connect To An iPhone Hotspot?

Are you unable to access WiFi or your mobile network, and wondering if it’s possible for your Android device to connect to an iPhone personal hotspot? It’s possible and easy for an Android device to connect to an iPhone hotspot. A mobile hotspot allows you to share your iPhone’s internet connection with any other mobile … Read more

How To See Missed Calls When Phone Is On Airplane Mode?

Whether you’re using an Android phone, an iPhone, a tablet, or any other device, putting the device on airplane mode prevents it from receiving calls and texts. But is there a way to see the calls you’ve missed while in that mode? Depending on the features included in your service plan,once you turn off flight … Read more

iPhone Hotspot Keeps Disconnecting (How To Fix)

The iPhone Personal Hotspot function turns your phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot that allows you to share your internet connection with other devices nearby. Sometimes, however, the iPhone Hotspot keeps disconnecting. This issue can be really annoying sometimes, especially if you’re waiting for an important notification and later find out that your phone was automatically … Read more