How To Send Text To All Contacts On iPhone?

Sometimes you need to send a text message to all of your contacts e.g. to notify them about your phone number change.  While you can send a text message to multiple contacts at once on your iPhone using the group messaging feature, you can’t send text to all contacts in a single click using the … Read more

How Do I Lock My iPhone Screen During A Call?

While having an ongoing call on your iPhone, as you move the phone around it’s easy to accidentally touch the screen and trigger unwanted actions on your phone, including pressing the end call button. How can you lock your iPhone screen during a call? To lock the screen while in a call you can simply … Read more

Why Can’t I Delete WhatsApp Contacts?

WhatsApp contact lists often require a thorough clean-up. Some of your contacts may have changed their phone number or you simply no longer exchange with them, so you may need to delete the contact from your WhatsApp list. To delete a WhatsApp contact, tap on a contact and choose delete. Sometimes, however, the contact continues … Read more

Why Can’t I Delete A Number From My Contacts (Android)?

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What Does It Mean When A Contact Is Linked (Android)?

Linked contacts are simply a way to group together related contacts into a single contact. This feature allows you to unify multiple contact numbers and data for a particular person under a single contact name, leading to easier access to the contact and a cleaner contact list. What is a linked contact in Android? Android’s … Read more

Will I Lose My WhatsApp Conversations If I Change My Phone Number?

WhatsApp is the world’s most widely used chatting app for both personal and business conversations. A commonly asked question is, what happens if you change your phone number? Do you lose your Whatsapp conversations? WhatsApp has a Change Number option that allows users to change their phone numbers without losing their conversations. With this feature, … Read more