How To See Missed Calls From Blocked Numbers?

As an Android or iPhone user, you can easily block specific numbers at either the device or carrier level. Once a number is blocked, how can you view missed calls from that number? If blocked at the phone level, many Android devices notify you about missed calls and list them in the call log or … Read more

Why Is My iPhone Rejecting Calls?

If your iPhone is automatically rejecting incoming calls, there is likely an issue with either your device settings or the mobile network.. If your iPhone is rejecting calls on its own, you may have turned on Ariplane or “Do Not Disturb” mode on your phone. Another possibility is that you have call forwarding turned on, … Read more

Why Do Blocked Numbers Still Get Through Android?

In most Android phones, blocking a number restricts the contact from calling or sending a text message.  If a blocked number is still able to contact you, it’s likely because the caller has hidden their caller ID, either through a carrier service option or using a third-party application. If that’s the case, calls and text … Read more

Why Is My Phone Rejecting Calls (Android)?

Many people experience the issue of their phone rejecting incoming calls from all or certain numbers or contacts.  These are the most common reasons for your phone rejecting calls: You have “auto call reject” turned on Some numbers (including private numbers) are blocked Call barring or call forwarding is enabled Do Not Disturb or Airplane … Read more

Why Does My iPhone Keep Telling Me I Have A Voicemail?

If you’re getting voicemail notifications on your iPhone while no messages have actually been received, you’re not alone as this is a common issue on the iPhone. If your iPhone keeps telling you you have a voicemail when there is none, it may be due to a carrier issue as voicemail service is independent of … Read more

How To Stop Calls On iPhone Without Blocking

There are times when you need to stop incoming calls from certain contacts on your iPhone but you don’t want to fully block them, e,g, if you still want to receive texts. You can turn on “Do Not Disturb” mode on your iPhone to stop getting call notifications. You can also turn on Airplane Mode … Read more

Why Am I Getting Text Messages From A Blocked Number?

Have you blocked a number on your iPhone or Android phone and are still getting texts from them? Why is this so and what can you do? You may get text messages from a blocked number for a few reasons: OS bug: try updating Android The number isn’t blocked for messages/SMS: check your Messages settings … Read more