What Is System Volume On Android?

You frequently need to adjust the system volume on Android, whether you want to tone down your ringtone so it doesn’t disturb you, or want to have the volume up to keep an eye on urgent messages. The system volume is the volume you can adjust on the device, including the volume of your ringtone, … Read more

How Do I Control The Volume On My Lock Screen (Android)?

On your Android device, you may find the volume control buttons on the side aren’t working when your screen is locked. How can you control the volume on the lock screen? You can control the volume on your lock screen by allowing the volume controls on the lock screen. You can also use a third-party … Read more

Why Does My Alarm Only Vibrate (Android)?

Your phone is not on silent mode and all the notification sounds are enabled. But the alarm only vibrates without any sound. Why? The alarms have their personalized settings and have nothing to do with the phone’s sound settings. If your alarm only vibrates on your Android phone, you might have enabled the vibration mode … Read more

Why Is My Phone Not Vibrating When Receiving Texts?

When your phone gets a notification or alert, such as incoming SMS, it doesn’t vibrate, leading to your missing important calls or messages. There are a few possible reasons why your device isn’t vibrating. You may have changed one of the device’s vibration settings. Another possible cause is if the vibration motor has failed. To … Read more