Activate Today vs Activate Later (Best Buy)?

When you buy an unlocked smartphone through Best Buy, you can choose to “activate today” or “activate later” . What is the difference? “Activate today” means the phone comes with a service plan and a new SIM card from a supported carrier, with a discounted device price. “Activate later” means you can use a SIM … Read more

Do I Need To Activate An Unlocked Phone?

An unlocked phone is not restricted to a carrier and gives you a choice to switch to another network provider. If you buy a new unlocked phone, do you need to activate it in order to switch to your preferred carrier? You must activate an unlocked phone to make it active on the carrier’s network. … Read more

How To See Missed Calls From Blocked Numbers?

As an Android or iPhone user, you can easily block specific numbers at either the device or carrier level. Once a number is blocked, how can you view missed calls from that number? If blocked at the phone level, many Android devices notify you about missed calls and list them in the call log or … Read more

Why Am I Getting Text Messages From A Blocked Number?

Have you blocked a number on your iPhone or Android phone and are still getting texts from them? Why is this so and what can you do? You may get text messages from a blocked number for a few reasons: OS bug: try updating Android The number isn’t blocked for messages/SMS: check your Messages settings … Read more