How To Send Text To All Contacts On iPhone?

Sometimes you need to send a text message to all of your contacts e.g. to notify them about your phone number change.  While you can send a text message to multiple contacts at once on your iPhone using the group messaging feature, you can’t send text to all contacts in a single click using the … Read more

How To Remove Default Messaging App On Android?

Many Android users are unhappy with the default messaging app installed on their device and would like to get rid of it. To remove default messaging app on Android: Go to Settings > Apps & Notifications > See All Apps  Select your current default messaging app. On the app page, tap “Open By Default”. Tap … Read more

Why Is My iMessage Not Working With Only One Person?

iMessage in iOS allows you to send and receive instant messages over the internet instead of your cellular services. However, there are cases where your iMessages won’t get through to a specific contact. Your iMessage may not be working with a single person or contact because the other person may not have an internet connection, … Read more

Google Messages vs Samsung Messages: Which Is Better?

Google Messages is Google’s official app for SMS, MMS, and RCS for Android devices while Samsung Messages is the stock messaging app found in Samsung devices. How do these two apps compare? With features like scheduled messaging, custom notifications and initial RCS support, Samsung Messages outweighed Google Messages. Google then leveled up with wide RCS … Read more

Text Message Sent But Not Delivered?

Clicking “send” on your message and not having it delivered can be both frustrating and confusing. There are several reasons this happens, some of which are out of your carrier’s control. Your text message may be sent but not delivered because the recipient’s phone may be switched off, the network provider may be experiencing some … Read more

How To Fix iMessage Not Saying Delivered

Messages between Apple devices are mainly sent via a messaging service known as iMessage. As opposed to regular text messages, which are sent using cell service, iMessage uses your cellular data or Wifi.  You cannot really tell if a regular text message was delivered, but iMessage puts a little text with “Delivered” or “Read” underneath … Read more

What Happens If You Turn Off Your iMessage? (answered)

Text messages among Apple users are sent via a messaging service called iMessage and appear in blue. They are sent via the internet (Wifi or cellular data) as opposed to regular text messages, which are sent via cell connection and appear in green.  Going to settings, then choosing “Messages” and clicking on the green slider … Read more

Why Is My Phone Not Vibrating When Receiving Texts?

When your phone gets a notification or alert, such as incoming SMS, it doesn’t vibrate, leading to your missing important calls or messages. There are a few possible reasons why your device isn’t vibrating. You may have changed one of the device’s vibration settings. Another possible cause is if the vibration motor has failed. To … Read more