Factory Unlocked vs Network Unlocked: What’s The Difference?

Unlocked phones can either be factory unlocked or network unlocked. What’s the difference? Factory unlocked means the phone was bought directly from the mobile company or an authorized vendor pre-unlocked. It’s not carrier locked and can be used with any compatible carrier. Network unlocked means it was bought carrier-locked and then unlocked by the carrier … Read more

Activate Today vs Activate Later (Best Buy)?

When you buy an unlocked smartphone through Best Buy, you can choose to “activate today” or “activate later” . What is the difference? “Activate today” means the phone comes with a service plan and a new SIM card from a supported carrier, with a discounted device price. “Activate later” means you can use a SIM … Read more

Do I Need A SIM card To Update Android?

If you own an Android device, you know that the Android OS needs to be updated on a frequent basis. These updates enhance the overall performance of your device by fixing some bugs, advancing security, and adding the latest features.  You may wonder if you can update your Android device if there is no SIM … Read more

Do I Need To Activate An Unlocked Phone?

An unlocked phone is not restricted to a carrier and gives you a choice to switch to another network provider. If you buy a new unlocked phone, do you need to activate it in order to switch to your preferred carrier? You must activate an unlocked phone to make it active on the carrier’s network. … Read more

Do Pictures Transfer With SIM Card?

A SIM card (SIM is short for “subscriber identity module”) is a small removable card that your carrier uses to identify you to allow you to make calls, send messages, and more.  If you transfer your SIM to a new phone, your contacts and other data will transfer with it, but do your pictures transfer … Read more

Does AirDrop Use Data?

See also: Do Pictures Transfer With SIM Card? AirDrop is an iPhone feature which allows iOS users to share data between devices. It’s an informal way of sending files and media instantly to other users using Bluetooth and WiFi connections. However, like other iPhone users, you may be concerned that AirDrop will consume your data. … Read more

Do Blocked Numbers Transfer To A New Phone?

Every once in a while you may have to block an unknown or spam number, adding them to your blocked list. But what happens if you have to change your phone or mobile number? Do blocked your numbers transfer to the new phone? In most cases, blocked numbers will not transfer to a new phone. … Read more

How Many Contacts Do I Have On My iPhone?

If you have a high number of contacts in your iPhone and keep saving more, you may wonder how to find out how many you have. You can easily find out the number of contacts on your iPhone by scrolling down the “contacts” tab in the “Phone” app. A total of your contacts will be … Read more

What Happens When You Remove A SIM Card?

A SIM card, also known as a Subscriber Identity Module card, is similar to the ignition key of a phone. SIM cards carry your phone number and account information, and you can’t make or receive calls without one. If you remove the SIM card, you won’t be able to make calls, utilize mobile internet, or … Read more