Is It Safe To Allow Apps To Access Your Storage? 

Whenever you install a new application, it will commonly ask for permissions to access things like storage, phone, SMS, and more. Google introduced permissions in Android 6 (Marshmallow) to support and protect user privacy. Google treats certain permissions, such as storage permissions, as “dangerous” or “risky.” In that case, is it safe to allow apps to … Read more

Why Can’t I Move Files To My SD Card?

If you’re unable to move files to an SD card on Android, these are some the most common reasons: SD card has insufficient space Card is read-only (write-protected) SD card file system is corrupted Card is not formatted in a compatible way Card is physically damaged Card is not mounted or placed properly Card has … Read more

Why Is My Phone Storage Full After Deleting Everything? (solved)

If you feel frustrated by the “low storage” prompt on your phone’s screen, you’re not alone as it’s a very common issue. Even after deleting most of your apps, you may still get the “phone storage full” message.  You may have done everything to deal with the low storage problem, including removing every app, inserting … Read more

Does The SD Card Drain Battery?

Are you noticing a decline in the battery life after installing an SD card? Installing an SD card can affect your device’s performance. It depends on factors like the type of the card, maximum capacity, and read/write cycles. Using SD cards to install applications and lot of data can also slow down the performance, thus … Read more

What Is The Difference Between Hard Reset And Factory Reset On A Smartphone?

When searching about resetting a mobile phone to fix some issues or clean up your phone memory, the terms hard reset and factory reset often come up. What is the difference between them? Hard reset clears all the memory that is associated with hardware. It is generally done by pressing Vol+ and the power button … Read more