Where Are Wallpapers Stored in Android?

Wallpapers can be fun to play with, especially live ones! Android phones come with dozens of wallpapers. Where are wallpapers stored on Android? On your rooted device, go to data/system/users/0 for the stock wallpapers. If the wallpaper is not there, go to system/framework. There should be an APK package inside which will be the wallpapers. … Read more

Which is better, buttons or gestures? (Android)

Most phones today have a home button. However, ever since Apple removed their home button and Samsung allowed users to turn off navigation buttons and use navigation gestures instead, there’s an ongoing debate about which of navigation buttons or navigation gestures is better. Some users feel buttons are a quicker and more intuitive way to … Read more

How To Turn Off RTT On Android?

Many Android users find that the built-in RTT (Real-Time Text) feature often interferes with voice calls by getting accidentally turned on during a call. How do you turn off real time text on an Android phone? Go to Phone app > three dots > Settings > Accessibility, toggle off “Real-Time Text (RTT) Call”. If you … Read more

How To See Missed Calls From Blocked Numbers?

As an Android or iPhone user, you can easily block specific numbers at either the device or carrier level. Once a number is blocked, how can you view missed calls from that number? If blocked at the phone level, many Android devices notify you about missed calls and list them in the call log or … Read more

How To Remove Google Search Bar From Home Screen?

While some Android users find the Google search bar on the Home screen useful, others do not and feel it takes up too much screen space.  These are common ways to remove the Google search bar from your screen: Touch and hold the Google search bar and tap Remove (phone with custom UI) Use a … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Samsung App Pairs?

Your Samsung Galaxy smartphone has a feature called App pair that lets you open two apps at once in a split screen view.  If you have created app pairs and opened them, here’s how to get rid of them: Swipe the Edge handle from the side of the screen inwards to open the side bar … Read more

How Do I Change The Color Of My Notification Bar ?

The notification bar enables you to see and access all the recent alerts from your installed applications. It is hidden on your smartphone’s screen and can be easily accessed by swiping down from the top on your screen.  By default, there are only two colors (black-dark mode and white-light mode) available in Android that you … Read more

Nova Launcher vs One UI: Which Is Better?

Nova Launcher is currently one of top rated third-party launchers for Android. One UI is the interface used by Samsung devices. Which one is better ? Here’s a quick comparison table: Nova Launcher                      One UI Home screen Ample Home screen customization options (e.g. enabling/disabling dock)  Fewer Home screen customization options (e.g. lock home screen layout) … Read more

How Do You Move The Edge Bar (Android)?

Your Android phone has an edge bar (aka sidebar) feature for easy access to your favorite apps and content from the screen side.  How do you move the sidebar upwards or downwards along the side or shift it to the other side? To move the edge bar, touch and hold the bar handle and slide … Read more