Do You Lose Pictures When You Factory Reset Your Phone (Android)?

One of the greatest nightmares would be accidentally pressing the Factory Reset button on your Android and losing all the memories you’ve had for years. Whether you’re an Android, iPhone or any other handset, Factory Reset is that trigger that you can pull when you’re absolutely sure to remove everything on your phone. A factory … Read more

Do Pictures Transfer With SIM Card?

A SIM card (SIM is short for “subscriber identity module”) is a small removable card that your carrier uses to identify you to allow you to make calls, send messages, and more.  If you transfer your SIM to a new phone, your contacts and other data will transfer with it, but do your pictures transfer … Read more

Does A Full iPhone Backup Save Photos?

iPhone backups allow you to save and restore your valuable data including photos, messages, and other data across different Apple devices. iTunes (PC) backup and iCloud backup are the two types of backup methods for an iPhone.  All of your photos get backed up whenever you perform a full backup, whether you use iCloud or … Read more

Will Clearing Cache Delete Pictures?

The clear cache function lets you delete temporary files for each app and browser on your Android phone. If you clear the cache for apps such as camera, gallery, and Google Photos, will that also delete the stored photos and videos? Clearing cache will not delete your data including photos and videos. The thumbnails used … Read more

Do Deleted Apps Take Up Space? The Brutal Truth

Deleting apps from your phone seems like the easiest way to free up some storage on your Android phone. However, do deleted apps still take up some space in your storage? Most apps fully delete all the files and data from your phone immediately and no longer take up any space on your phone. Some … Read more

Can I Delete Photos From One Device Only On iPhone?

Users frequently complain that deleting a picture on one iOS device automatically deletes the picture from their other synced devices connected to the same iCloud account. Is it possible to delete photos from a single iOS device?  You can delete photos from one device only without removing it from other devices synced through your iCloud … Read more

Does Google Drive Use Phone Storage?

Your Google Drive digital data storage lets you upload and keep your photos, videos, or other files in the cloud so you can access them anytime from anywhere through your smartphone or PC. But does Google storage also use up storage on your device? When you directly upload a file to Google drive, it does … Read more

What Is The Difference Between Hard Reset And Factory Reset On A Smartphone?

When searching about resetting a mobile phone to fix some issues or clean up your phone memory, the terms hard reset and factory reset often come up. What is the difference between them? Hard reset clears all the memory that is associated with hardware. It is generally done by pressing Vol+ and the power button … Read more