How Do I Make My iPhone Turn Off Automatically At Night?

Most people have minimal use of their phone at night. Is there a way for your iPhone to automatically turn off at night? The iPhone does not have a feature that can schedule your iPhone to turn off at a specific time. However, you can use “”Do Not Disturb” feature or Night Mode to save … Read more

How To Check Text Messages While Talking On The iPhone

If you like to multitask while on a call, you may know it is possible to text and talk on an iPhone at the same time. As long as you have your wireless headphones on, or have speakerphone mode on, you can easily maintain a call while also answering a text. How can I check … Read more

Can You Unlock An iPhone Without Clearing Notifications?

When you open your iPhone and swipe up your lock screen, any notifications that appeared on your lock screen before swiping disappear. While you may think your notifications have been deleted, they actually remain available in your Notification center. You can access your Notification center by swiping from top to down on the middle of … Read more

How Do I Get Sound When I Receive An Email?

Email apps leave notifications as soon as you receive an email into your account. How do you get a sound notification when you receive an email? To get a sound when receiving an email:  Open your Gmail app Tap on the 3-line menu at the top  Tap Settings, then select your account Tap “Notification sounds” … Read more

Does Android Alarm Stop By Itself? (answered)

Sometimes when we miss our alarm we wonder whether the alarm stopped by itself or it didn’t ring at all. Let’s find out how long an Android phone alarm goes on for if you don’t snooze or silence it. The android alarm stops by itself after ringing for 5-6 minutes, it doesn’t keep ringing all … Read more

How To Mute Apps On Android and iPhone (answered)

Apps like YouTube, Facebook, and Messenger can receive a massive number of notifications daily, which can make your day a lot noisy. Many smartphone users wonder whether it’s possible to mute an individual app.   You can silence an app from your phone’s settings or by enabling Do Not Disturb e.g. for games, music, or movies. … Read more

How To Fix iMessage Not Saying Delivered

Messages between Apple devices are mainly sent via a messaging service known as iMessage. As opposed to regular text messages, which are sent using cell service, iMessage uses your cellular data or Wifi.  You cannot really tell if a regular text message was delivered, but iMessage puts a little text with “Delivered” or “Read” underneath … Read more

Why Are Old Messages Showing Up On My iPhone?

Apple stores the messages on your iPhone and other devices either through using device storage or iCloud. This normally makes your Messages save and appear chronologically.  Sometimes this goes wrong and can result in: Old messages appearing with a current date & time stamp Your iPhone resending old text messages Messages no longer being sorted … Read more