How To Send Text To All Contacts On iPhone?

Sometimes you need to send a text message to all of your contacts e.g. to notify them about your phone number change.  While you can send a text message to multiple contacts at once on your iPhone using the group messaging feature, you can’t send text to all contacts in a single click using the … Read more

iPhone Audio Message Not Working? Here’s How To Fix it

Unable to record or send audio messages on your iPhone no matter what you do? Can’t listen to voice messages even after restarting the app?  One simple way to fix the audio message issue is by turning off the sound recognition. Here’s how:: Open Settings on your iPhone Tap “Accessibility” Select “Sound Recognition” > toggle … Read more

Google Messages vs Samsung Messages: Which Is Better?

Google Messages is Google’s official app for SMS, MMS, and RCS for Android devices while Samsung Messages is the stock messaging app found in Samsung devices. How do these two apps compare? With features like scheduled messaging, custom notifications and initial RCS support, Samsung Messages outweighed Google Messages. Google then leveled up with wide RCS … Read more

What Is The Difference Between MMS And Group Messaging? (solved!)

Both MMS and Group Messaging are done over the cellular network, and they may require an internet connection. Even though they might seem similar at first, there are some subtle differences between them. MMS is a multimedia messaging service that allows you to send images, audios, etc. over the cellular network. Group Messaging lets you … Read more