Can iPads have Moving Wallpapers?

Moving wallpapers are just as cool as they sound. However, are they supported on your iPad? iPads can have moving wallpapers. They can also have Live Photos as wallpapers. However, they cannot have live wallpapers. Live wallpapers are not supported on iPads. What’s the difference between a moving wallpaper and a live wallpaper? A moving … Read more

Where Are Wallpapers Stored in Android?

Wallpapers can be fun to play with, especially live ones! Android phones come with dozens of wallpapers. Where are wallpapers stored on Android? On your rooted device, go to data/system/users/0 for the stock wallpapers. If the wallpaper is not there, go to system/framework. There should be an APK package inside which will be the wallpapers. … Read more

Why Can’t I Pull Down My Notification Bar iPhone?

Every iPhone model has a notification center that you can access using the swipe down gesture from the top of the screen. Sometimes, however, issues can prevent you from pulling down your notification bar. If you’re unable to access the notification bar, you may have disabled the notification center on the lock screen. You may … Read more

How Do I Control The Volume On My Lock Screen (Android)?

On your Android device, you may find the volume control buttons on the side aren’t working when your screen is locked. How can you control the volume on the lock screen? You can control the volume on your lock screen by allowing the volume controls on the lock screen. You can also use a third-party … Read more

How To Turn Off Swipe Up On An iPhone?

Swiping up on your home screen on iPhone brings up the control center which gives you access to key settings and shortcuts to launch key apps. Some users such as gamers would like to disable swipe up as it can get in the way of their gestures. Can you do this? You don’t have the … Read more

Android Status Bar Disappeared (help!)

The Android status bar is an interface that appears on the top of the mobile screen and displays minimized notifications, time, battery status, etc. But sometimes, the status bar disappears from the screen top. So why does the Android status bar disappear? The Android status bar may disappear from the home screen due to an … Read more

How Do I Lock My iPhone Screen During A Call?

While having an ongoing call on your iPhone, as you move the phone around it’s easy to accidentally touch the screen and trigger unwanted actions on your phone, including pressing the end call button. How can you lock your iPhone screen during a call? To lock the screen while in a call you can simply … Read more

Why Is My iPhone Stuck On Lock Screen?

Although the iPhone is known for its hassle-free functioning and smooth functionality, it can still have errors and glitches, such as the device getting stuck on the lock screen. There can be a number of reasons why your iPhone is stuck on the lock screen. It can be because of the software bugs, OS glitches, … Read more

How To Stop Pop Up Notifications On Android?

Notifications inform you about important updates on Android. A large number of unimportant notifications, on the other hand, can quickly become a headache. To disable pop-up notifications on Android, go to Settings > Notifications and select the apps for which you do not want to receive notifications. Unfortunately, there is no simple solution to turn … Read more

Why Does My Android Phone Keep Asking For Passwords?

If your Android phone keeps asking for a password, it’s likely because you have set one through settings, intentionally or not. It may also be because of an error or bug in the operating system, most probably during an update. Why does my Samsung phone keep asking for my password? Samsung phones ask for passwords … Read more