Is It Better To Back Up iPhone To iCloud Or Computer?

Backing up the data on your iPhone is important so that if you change or lose your phone, you’re able to quickly restore your data. Whether you should backup your iPhone to iCloud or your computer depends on your requirements.  If you want to make an automatic backup and access it across multiple iOS devices, … Read more

Why Can’t I Add Songs To My Apple Music Library On Mac?

One annoying issue Apple Music users are often faced with is difficulty adding songs to their library. For example, the song seems to get added but doesn’t show up in the library. Another common issue is that a new playlist cannot be created.  If you can’t add songs to your Apple Music library on Mac, … Read more

Does Apple Music Delete Your Library If You Don’t Pay?

As an Apple Music subscriber, you may be wondering whether your music library will get deleted if you stop renewing your subscription. As soon as you stop paying for the Apple Music subscription, you will lose access to all the music you have added through the app. The app will keep a record of all … Read more

Can You Use An iPhone Without iTunes?

iTunes is a unique program offered by Apple to download music, listen to audiobooks and podcasts, and watch movies on your Mac and other iOS devices. Using iTunes, users can also back up their data locally, including all their purchases.  Can you use your iPhone without iTunes?  iPhone users don’t necessarily have to use iTunes … Read more

My iPhone Is Stuck In Recovery Mode: How To Fix?

Recovery Mode is a troubleshooting method used when an iPhone is experiencing software-related problems. With the help of recovery mode, you can restore or update your iPhone.  Sometimes, however, your iPhone may get stuck in recovery mode and show a black screen with an iTunes or computer icon. Possible reasons for your phone being stuck … Read more

Why Is My iPhone Stuck On Lock Screen?

Although the iPhone is known for its hassle-free functioning and smooth functionality, it can still have errors and glitches, such as the device getting stuck on the lock screen. There can be a number of reasons why your iPhone is stuck on the lock screen. It can be because of the software bugs, OS glitches, … Read more

How To Delete Purchase History On App Store?

When you purchase something from the app store on iPhone, it gets listed in the app purchase history. If you have a lot of old apps you bought cluttering your order history, you may wonder how to remove some of them from the history list.  You cannot actually delete the app purchase history but what … Read more