Can iPads have Moving Wallpapers?

Moving wallpapers are just as cool as they sound. However, are they supported on your iPad? iPads can have moving wallpapers. They can also have Live Photos as wallpapers. However, they cannot have live wallpapers. Live wallpapers are not supported on iPads. What’s the difference between a moving wallpaper and a live wallpaper? A moving … Read more

Why Am I Not Getting Verification Code On My iPhone?

If you have two-factor authentication enabled on a website, you not only have to enter your password to login but also a six-digit verification code which is sent to you either through SMS or call. This provides an extra layer of security to confirm your identity.  In some cases, however, you may not get verification … Read more

Double Tap Home Button Is Not Working On iPhone

iPhone’s home button is versatile and customizable. If the home button of your iPhone is not working when double-tapped, there may be something incorrectly set in the home button settings. If double tapping the home button on your iPhone is not working, you may have the “Reachability” feature disabled. Another possible reason may be an … Read more

Can I Delete Photos From One Device Only On iPhone?

Users frequently complain that deleting a picture on one iOS device automatically deletes the picture from their other synced devices connected to the same iCloud account. Is it possible to delete photos from a single iOS device?  You can delete photos from one device only without removing it from other devices synced through your iCloud … Read more