What Happens If You Don’t Pay iCloud Storage?

Apple provides 5GB of iCloud storage free of charge for every Apple user. If you need more than 5GB of storage, you need to buy an iCloud storage plan. After subscribing, what will happen if you stop paying for storage?  If you stop paying for iCloud, any new photos or videos will not be uploaded … Read more

Is It Better To Back Up iPhone To iCloud Or Computer?

Backing up the data on your iPhone is important so that if you change or lose your phone, you’re able to quickly restore your data. Whether you should backup your iPhone to iCloud or your computer depends on your requirements.  If you want to make an automatic backup and access it across multiple iOS devices, … Read more

Does iPhone Reset Remove Apple ID?

iPhone reset allows you to reset all the settings and content from your iPhone to factory default state. But does iPhone reset remove your Apple ID? There are two types of reset methods on iPhone, “Reset All Settings” and “Erase All Contents and Settings.” The “Reset All Settings” option does not remove your Apple ID, … Read more

Restore Backup vs Restore iPhone: Which To Choose?

Whenever you connect your device to  iTunes on your PC, you get two options:  “Restore backup” and “Restore iPhone”. Users often get confused which option to choose in a particular situation. Choosing the wrong option may result in a factory reset phone, which you definitely don’t want. “Restore backup” restores your data from the iCloud … Read more

Do Pictures Transfer With SIM Card?

A SIM card (SIM is short for “subscriber identity module”) is a small removable card that your carrier uses to identify you to allow you to make calls, send messages, and more.  If you transfer your SIM to a new phone, your contacts and other data will transfer with it, but do your pictures transfer … Read more

Switching From iTunes Match to Apple Music

Apple offers two music subscription services to its users i.e. Apple Music and iTunes Match. Apple Music gives you the option to switch from iTunes Match to Apple Music. You may wonder if it’s worthwhile to make the switch. Apple Music includes all iTunes Match features in addition to access to a huge music streaming … Read more

How Do I Download Full Resolution Photos From iCloud to PC?

Are the photos on your Apple device only showing in low resolution? Thankfully, you can access your high-quality full-size images on your Mac or PC.  By default, iCloud saves the full-resolution version of a photo to iCloud and stores a compressed version on your devices to save space. To get your original quality, full-resolution photos … Read more