Can You Use Your iPhone While It’s Backing Up?

The iPhone is set to automatically perform iCloud backups once every 24 hours. This happens when your device is connected to the power supply, has an active WiFi connection and is locked. These are the conditions for the iPhone to perform automatic backup. So you may wonder whether you can use your phone during the … Read more

How To Backup An iPhone To Google Drive?

While iCloud backup is the iPhone built-in feature for saving all your essential data on a daily basis, you may quickly hit its storage limit. Google Drive offers more storage space than iCloud, including for iOS users. It can also come in handy if switching from iOS to Android. To backup your iPhone on Google … Read more

Does A Full iPhone Backup Save Photos?

iPhone backups allow you to save and restore your valuable data including photos, messages, and other data across different Apple devices. iTunes (PC) backup and iCloud backup are the two types of backup methods for an iPhone.  All of your photos get backed up whenever you perform a full backup, whether you use iCloud or … Read more

Does The iPhone Backup Automatically?

iPhone will take automatic backups if you’ve enabled iCloud backup. iCloud will automatically back up your iPhone on a daily basis provided your phone is connected to WiFi, is plugged into a power outlet, and is locked. For iPhone models that support 5G, your carrier may give you an option to run iCloud backup using … Read more