Which is better, buttons or gestures? (Android)

Most phones today have a home button. However, ever since Apple removed their home button and Samsung allowed users to turn off navigation buttons and use navigation gestures instead, there’s an ongoing debate about which of navigation buttons or navigation gestures is better. Some users feel buttons are a quicker and more intuitive way to … Read more

Double Tap Home Button Is Not Working On iPhone

iPhone’s home button is versatile and customizable. If the home button of your iPhone is not working when double-tapped, there may be something incorrectly set in the home button settings. If double tapping the home button on your iPhone is not working, you may have the “Reachability” feature disabled. Another possible reason may be an … Read more

Why Is My Home Button Gone On Android?

Are you finding it difficult to go back to your home screen from apps? Does your home button disappear every time you open an app?  To get your home button back, swipe up from the bottom of your screen. Once your home button comes back, follow these steps: Open Settings > Display > Navigation Bar … Read more

How Can I Answer My iPhone Without Swiping?

By default, answering calls on your iPhone requires sliding on the screen. This is to prevent you from accidentally answering a call while your device is in your pocket or bag. But this could prove to be a challenge during moments where your hands are wet or dirty, or when your screen is cracked or … Read more

The Phone Home Button Keeps Pressing Itself

Sometimes your phone home button keeps pressing itself, resulting in many applications and functions on the phone ending or hanging without closing properly. This also brings your phone back to the home screen again and again, preventing you from using your phone properly. A home button continuously pressing itself often happens because of an issue … Read more