How To Backup An iPhone To Google Drive?

While iCloud backup is the iPhone built-in feature for saving all your essential data on a daily basis, you may quickly hit its storage limit. Google Drive offers more storage space than iCloud, including for iOS users. It can also come in handy if switching from iOS to Android. To backup your iPhone on Google … Read more

Why Can’t I Delete A Number From My Contacts (Android)?

When you save a number on your mobile device, you always have an option to delete it whenever you want. But sometimes, some stubborn contacts just won’t get deleted no matter how hard you try. If you are trying to delete a number from your contacts and are unable to do so, these contacts might … Read more

Is It Safe To Uninstall Google Play Services?

Google Play Services is a background service package and API provider by Google. This service does not appear as a separate application yet takes a lot of storage. So is it safe to uninstall Google Play Services? You can’t uninstall Google Play Services because your Android device will not allow you to delete it. The … Read more

How Do I Get Rid Of Frequently Contacted On Android?

“Frequently Contacted” on Android is a list of contacts you interact with the most via calls or messages. Android either auto-generates the list or retrieves it from your Google account.  Some users find it annoying to see that list on a daily basis. To get rid of the frequently contacted list on Android, go to … Read more