How To Disable Gboard?

The Gboard virtual typing application by Google for smartphones and tablets comes with many helpful and user-friendly features, like an integrated Google search bar, customizable keypad, gesture typing, and more.  If you decide to switch back to your default or some other keyboard, you may be able to disable Gboard through your settings. If your … Read more

Samsung Keyboard vs Gboard: Which Is Better?

Samsung Keyboard and Gboard are two feature-rich and widely used keyboard apps used globally. Which one should you choose? Availability Samsung Keyboard is for Samsung devices while Gboard works on Android and iOS Layout Similar layout but typing is better on Gboard due to larger keys Modes Both have standard, one-handed, and floating modes with … Read more

Why Is My Keyboard So Small On Android?

The on-screen keyboard is a standard feature on Android. Has the onscreen keyboard on your Android phone suddenly gotten smaller? A small keyboard on Android can due to the activation of the One-handed mode. You can easily switch to the normal keyboard by turning off the One-handed mode. To turn off and return to your … Read more

Android Keyboard Not Showing: How to Fix It?

When you need to type something and the keyboard does not show up, this could become annoying really easily. This problem is quite common and has several easy solutions most of the time. If the keyboard is not showing, it’s likely the keyboard app has stopped working properly or crashed. Force stopping or restarting the … Read more