Does iPhone Reset Remove Apple ID?

iPhone reset allows you to reset all the settings and content from your iPhone to factory default state. But does iPhone reset remove your Apple ID? There are two types of reset methods on iPhone, “Reset All Settings” and “Erase All Contents and Settings.” The “Reset All Settings” option does not remove your Apple ID, … Read more

Do You Lose Pictures When You Factory Reset Your Phone (Android)?

One of the greatest nightmares would be accidentally pressing the Factory Reset button on your Android and losing all the memories you’ve had for years. Whether you’re an Android, iPhone or any other handset, Factory Reset is that trigger that you can pull when you’re absolutely sure to remove everything on your phone. A factory … Read more

Does Removing Bloatware Save Battery?

Many users find bloatware apps pre-installed in non-stock Android devices which can be annoying. If you remove them, does it lead to saving the phone’s battery?  Not all bloatware results in battery savings when uninstalled. Apps which are well written, tested, and optimized, or which are not really used, won’t save battery if removed. Removal … Read more

What Is The Difference Between Hard Reset And Factory Reset On A Smartphone?

When searching about resetting a mobile phone to fix some issues or clean up your phone memory, the terms hard reset and factory reset often come up. What is the difference between them? Hard reset clears all the memory that is associated with hardware. It is generally done by pressing Vol+ and the power button … Read more