How To Fix “You Have Disabled A Required Permission” (Android Contacts)

If the Contacts app on your Android device shows the error “You have disabled a required permission”, you may be wondering what the cause is and how to fix the issue. This message basically says you may have accidentally turned off one or more permissions for your Contact application to run smoothly e.g. access to … Read more

How Many Contacts Do I Have On My iPhone?

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Why Can’t I Delete WhatsApp Contacts?

WhatsApp contact lists often require a thorough clean-up. Some of your contacts may have changed their phone number or you simply no longer exchange with them, so you may need to delete the contact from your WhatsApp list. To delete a WhatsApp contact, tap on a contact and choose delete. Sometimes, however, the contact continues … Read more

How Do I Stop Gmail From Syncing My Contacts On Android?

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Will I Lose My WhatsApp Conversations If I Change My Phone Number?

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