Does AirDrop Use Data?

See also: Do Pictures Transfer With SIM Card? AirDrop is an iPhone feature which allows iOS users to share data between devices. It’s an informal way of sending files and media instantly to other users using Bluetooth and WiFi connections. However, like other iPhone users, you may be concerned that AirDrop will consume your data. … Read more

Where Are Android System Sounds Stored?

Your Android phone plays system sounds whenever an event occurs such as a incoming call or notification. System sounds range from ringtones, notification sounds, alarms, and UI sounds. Where are they stored on your device? Preloaded system sounds are stored in the /system/product/media/audio directory which contains a folder for each system sound type e.g. Ringtones, … Read more

Why Does Android Phone Default To Speakerphone?

While making a call or receiving an incoming call, many users face the problem that the speakerphone gets on automatically without tapping on the speaker icon in the call screen.  Common causes why your Android phone defaults to speakerphone include: Bug in the OS after the latest system update or Android upgrade Auto-switch mode during … Read more

Why Does Music Not Play Through FaceTime? (solved)

Many FaceTime users feel frustrated as they are unable to play music during a FaceTime call and have the other person hear it. The reason you’re unable to play music through FaceTime is that the app lowers the volume of the music that is being played so it’s only audible to you.  However, the iOS … Read more

Why Is My iPhone Not Playing Music Through Bluetooth?

Bluetooth connectivity issues can be frustrating especially when you’re in the mood to listen to some music. If your iPhone is not playing music through your Bluetooth device, this guide is for you. Start from updating your iOS to the latest version as it may resolve the Bluetooth connectivity issue. You can try restarting both … Read more

Transfer Contacts & Photos From A Flip Phone To Android

You can easily transfer contacts and Photos via Bluetooth from a flip to an Android phone without any hassle. SIM method is the best method to transfer contacts and if Bluetooth fails for photo sharing you can always transfer them to your computer and then copy the images to your Android phone. Bellow, we discussed … Read more

Can An Android Connect To An iPhone Hotspot?

Are you unable to access WiFi or your mobile network, and wondering if it’s possible for your Android device to connect to an iPhone personal hotspot? It’s possible and easy for an Android device to connect to an iPhone hotspot. A mobile hotspot allows you to share your iPhone’s internet connection with any other mobile … Read more

Why Won’t My Music Play On My Headphones Android?

Android users often complain about not being able to hear music from their smartphone on their headphones.This issue may be due to several common causes.. Music may not play on your headphones on your Android device due dirt in your headphone jack that prohibits a proper connection, incorrect settings on your device, disabled headphone jack … Read more

Can You Play Music Through Both Bluetooth And Headphone Jack On A Smartphone?

Smartphone users increasingly use wireless Bluetooth devices to listen to music, but some still prefer to use wired headphones through a  3.5mm jack. But can you use both at the same time? You cannot use both wired and wireless devices without using third-party products like Y splitter or a Bluetooth Audio Transmitter. See also: My … Read more