Do Not Disturb Keeps Turning On iOS (fix)

Do Not Disturb (DND) keeps you from getting distracted from continuous calls and message alerts when you are driving or in a meeting. Sometimes, however, the feature seems to be activating itself. If the “Do Not Disturb” feature of your iOS device keeps turning on by itself, it may be because you’ve scheduled it or … Read more

Why Does Android Slow Down Over Time?

After using an Android phone for a year or more, many users feel the device not as fast as when it was in new condition. What are the reasons for this slowdown? The most common reasons that make your Android device slow over time include: Apps running in the background and consuming resources Android OS … Read more

Does The SD Card Drain Battery?

Are you noticing a decline in the battery life after installing an SD card? Installing an SD card can affect your device’s performance. It depends on factors like the type of the card, maximum capacity, and read/write cycles. Using SD cards to install applications and lot of data can also slow down the performance, thus … Read more

Is Power Saving Mode Harmful On A Smartphone?

Power saving mode is a good option for extending the battery life of your smartphone in a critical situation. But, does a power saving mode do any harm to your phone? Power saving mode doesn’t do any harm to your phone’s hardware, but it can affect your app and device performance. It restricts the background … Read more