Is It Better To Back Up iPhone To iCloud Or Computer?

Backing up the data on your iPhone is important so that if you change or lose your phone, you’re able to quickly restore your data. Whether you should backup your iPhone to iCloud or your computer depends on your requirements.  If you want to make an automatic backup and access it across multiple iOS devices, … Read more

How To Backup An iPhone To Google Drive?

While iCloud backup is the iPhone built-in feature for saving all your essential data on a daily basis, you may quickly hit its storage limit. Google Drive offers more storage space than iCloud, including for iOS users. It can also come in handy if switching from iOS to Android. To backup your iPhone on Google … Read more

Why Is My iPhone Backup Size So Large?

iPhone users are often surprised by the size of their device backup. iPhone backups can be very large because they may include non-essential data that can cause the backup size to bloat tremendously. You can reduce the size of your backups by controlling what you want to back up from your iCloud settings. In this … Read more

Can I Delete Photos From One Device Only On iPhone?

Users frequently complain that deleting a picture on one iOS device automatically deletes the picture from their other synced devices connected to the same iCloud account. Is it possible to delete photos from a single iOS device?  You can delete photos from one device only without removing it from other devices synced through your iCloud … Read more

Will I Lose My WhatsApp Conversations If I Change My Phone Number?

WhatsApp is the world’s most widely used chatting app for both personal and business conversations. A commonly asked question is, what happens if you change your phone number? Do you lose your Whatsapp conversations? WhatsApp has a Change Number option that allows users to change their phone numbers without losing their conversations. With this feature, … Read more