Can You Switch Straight Talk Phone to AT&T ?

Straight Talk is a popular prepaid carrier that offers excellent rates on service. If you have a Straight Talk phone, you may wonder if you can use it with AT&T service. To switch your Straight Talk phone to AT&T, your device must be compatible with the AT&T network. Secondly, you need to make sure that … Read more

Activate Today vs Activate Later (Best Buy)?

When you buy an unlocked smartphone through Best Buy, you can choose to “activate today” or “activate later” . What is the difference? “Activate today” means the phone comes with a service plan and a new SIM card from a supported carrier, with a discounted device price. “Activate later” means you can use a SIM … Read more

Do I Need To Activate An Unlocked Phone?

An unlocked phone is not restricted to a carrier and gives you a choice to switch to another network provider. If you buy a new unlocked phone, do you need to activate it in order to switch to your preferred carrier? You must activate an unlocked phone to make it active on the carrier’s network. … Read more