Is It Bad To Uninstall Apps? (answered)

Every day smartphone users install and uninstall apps for a number of reasons. Sometimes, you install an app, just test it, and then uninstall the app again. Does uninstalling an app have negative effects on your device? Uninstalling apps usually won’t negatively affect your smartphone. When you uninstall an app, it will free up some … Read more

Does The SD Card Drain Battery?

Are you noticing a decline in the battery life after installing an SD card? Installing an SD card can affect your device’s performance. It depends on factors like the type of the card, maximum capacity, and read/write cycles. Using SD cards to install applications and lot of data can also slow down the performance, thus … Read more

Why Do My Apps Randomly Install?

If you have ever noticed some random apps mysteriously installed on your Android without your knowledge, you’re not alone. This behavior not only poses a low storage problem, but can also lead to malware in your smartphone too.  A compromised Google account can be the cause for random apps downloading themselves. Moreover, third-party websites can … Read more

Do Deleted Apps Take Up Space? The Brutal Truth

Deleting apps from your phone seems like the easiest way to free up some storage on your Android phone. However, do deleted apps still take up some space in your storage? Most apps fully delete all the files and data from your phone immediately and no longer take up any space on your phone. Some … Read more

Why Do My Apps Keep Moving On Android? (solved)

The issue that many Android users face is tackling the arrangement of applications. If you haven’t touched settings on your phone, you must be wondering why applications on your phone keep moving? Let’s find out the possible reasons.  The applications on your Android phone keep moving because there’s a possible bug in the application, it’s … Read more

How To Mute Apps On Android and iPhone (answered)

Apps like YouTube, Facebook, and Messenger can receive a massive number of notifications daily, which can make your day a lot noisy. Many smartphone users wonder whether it’s possible to mute an individual app.   You can silence an app from your phone’s settings or by enabling Do Not Disturb e.g. for games, music, or movies. … Read more

Add To Home Screen Is Not Showing On Android (solved!)

The home screen on your smartphone or tablet, besides displaying the apps you have installed, allows you to pin your favorite web pages for quick access regardless of which browser you’re using.  If the Add To Home Screen option disappears on your Android, the reason may be an outdated browser version, access permission issues, or … Read more