Does iPhone Reset Remove Apple ID?

iPhone reset allows you to reset all the settings and content from your iPhone to factory default state. But does iPhone reset remove your Apple ID? There are two types of reset methods on iPhone, “Reset All Settings” and “Erase All Contents and Settings.” The “Reset All Settings” option does not remove your Apple ID, … Read more

Why Is Apple Forcing Me To Change My Password?

Apple requires you to have a strong password with strict rules in order to protect your important data. If Apple is forcing you to change your password, it’s possible that you haven’t activated two factor authentication. It could also be due to a phishing attack, not having a strong enough password, or using corporate email … Read more

Why Is My iMessage Not Working With Only One Person?

iMessage in iOS allows you to send and receive instant messages over the internet instead of your cellular services. However, there are cases where your iMessages won’t get through to a specific contact. Your iMessage may not be working with a single person or contact because the other person may not have an internet connection, … Read more