What Happens If You Turn Off Your iMessage? (answered)

Text messages among Apple users are sent via a messaging service called iMessage and appear in blue. They are sent via the internet (Wifi or cellular data) as opposed to regular text messages, which are sent via cell connection and appear in green.  Going to settings, then choosing “Messages” and clicking on the green slider … Read more

Why Is My Phone Not Vibrating When Receiving Texts?

When your phone gets a notification or alert, such as incoming SMS, it doesn’t vibrate, leading to your missing important calls or messages. There are a few possible reasons why your device isn’t vibrating. You may have changed one of the device’s vibration settings. Another possible cause is if the vibration motor has failed. To … Read more

What is the lifespan of a SIM card? Should I Replace Mine?

The SIM card is the bridge between your smartphone and your network provider. A connection to a cellular network is only possible with this identification. The card has the additional function of storing some of your data. The lifetime of the SIM card is based on the manufacturing quality, design and usage pattern. However, people … Read more