Can iPads have Moving Wallpapers?

Moving wallpapers are just as cool as they sound. However, are they supported on your iPad? iPads can have moving wallpapers. They can also have Live Photos as wallpapers. However, they cannot have live wallpapers. Live wallpapers are not supported on iPads. What’s the difference between a moving wallpaper and a live wallpaper? A moving … Read more

Android “Open With App” Not Listed [Solved!]

When tapping a link or file in Android, the link opens either in a specific app or in the default browser (e.g. Chrome). Normally, an “Open With” dialogue will show a list of apps you can open the link with. However, you may experience the Open With dialogue not showing up. “Open with app” may … Read more

How Long Does It Take To Transfer Data From One iPhone To Another?

Apple allows you to directly transfer your data from your old phone to your new one using the option “Transfer Directly From iPhone.”  The time it takes to transfer data from one iPhone to another depends on the amount of data you migrate between devices and the transfer method you choose. If you are transferring … Read more

Is It Better To Back Up iPhone To iCloud Or Computer?

Backing up the data on your iPhone is important so that if you change or lose your phone, you’re able to quickly restore your data. Whether you should backup your iPhone to iCloud or your computer depends on your requirements.  If you want to make an automatic backup and access it across multiple iOS devices, … Read more

Does iPhone Reset Remove Apple ID?

iPhone reset allows you to reset all the settings and content from your iPhone to factory default state. But does iPhone reset remove your Apple ID? There are two types of reset methods on iPhone, “Reset All Settings” and “Erase All Contents and Settings.” The “Reset All Settings” option does not remove your Apple ID, … Read more

Why Does Apple Music Change My Songs?

Apple Music enables users to stream more than 50 million songs from Apple’s catalog. However, some users are seeing their Apple Music songs changing by themselves. Some users experience random shifting of songs while listening. Others report that the Apple Music app entirely skips certain or all songs in their playlists.  If you see your songs … Read more

Why Can’t I Add Songs To My Apple Music Library On Mac?

One annoying issue Apple Music users are often faced with is difficulty adding songs to their library. For example, the song seems to get added but doesn’t show up in the library. Another common issue is that a new playlist cannot be created.  If you can’t add songs to your Apple Music library on Mac, … Read more