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How Does Subway Surfers Multiplier Work?

How Does Subway Surfers Multiplier Work?

In Subway Surfers, ‘Multiplier’ is a special feature that multiplies your score in a run and lets you score higher. 

Read on to learn how this works in detail.

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How does Subway Surfers Multiplier work?

At the beginning of your game, your multiplier is set to x1. By completing a set of 3 missions available in the shop, your multiplier can increase permanently up to x30.

Score Booster is a temporary multiplier in Subway Surfers. You can reach up to x100 multiplier using Score Booster. 

But Score Booster only works in a specific run. So your multiplier returns to its original number at the end of that run.

What is the maximum multiplier in Subway Surfers?

In Subway Surfers the maximum multiplier is x30. However, you can increase your multiplier temporarily all the way up to x100.

By using Score Booster, 2X Multiplier, Super Mysterizer and Special events, you can temporarily increase your multiplier up to x100. Which means you will be able to get 100 times the amount of your original score.

So this is the most efficient way for you to get the higher scores you’ve always wanted. But again, this x100 multiplier is only temporary.

How do you increase your score multiplier in Subway Surfers?

Multipliers are essential for getting high scores in Subway Surfers. At the start everyone will have x1 as their multiplier. This means your final score will be double the amount of score and coins you get during a run. 

In Subway Surfers, the maximum score multiplier is set to x30. But you can increase your score multipliers up to x100 using a few features.

Score Booster

This is a rare power-up obtainable through the Mystery Box, Super Mystery Box or Weekly Hunts. You can also buy Score Booster from the Subway Surfers in-game store for 3000 coins. 

You can use Score Boosters 3 times at the start of a run. Depending on how many times you use Score Booster, it increases your multiplier by 5, 6 or 7 until the end of the run.

Multiplier Bonus Event

The Multiplier Bonus event replaced the Wild Wednesdays and Special Thursdays. On Wednesdays and Thursdays a few specific characters get a +3 Score Booster. 

If you use those characters on those days, you get an automatic +3 Score Booster. You can get higher scores during the Multiplier Bonus events.

2X Multiplier

A special power-up that doubles your score multiplier for a certain period of time.

See the “What does the 2x mean in Subway Surfers?” section further below for more details.

Super Mysterizer

An exclusive power-up that only appears on Mystery Mondays. One of the Super Mysterizers ability is to increase your multiplier by x10.

With the increased x10 score multiplier you can get a higher score more easily and climb in the  Top Run leaderboards.

How do you get 30x on Subway Surfers?

Every new Subway Surfers player gets a x1 score multiplier at first. You need to complete a set of 3 missions to level up and increase your multiplier in sequence. You can increase your multiplier permanently up to x30.

The set of missions include:

  1. Collecting  a certain amount of coins.
  1. Jumping a certain number of times.
  1. Collecting specific Power-Ups.

After completing a set of missions a new set will appear, for a total of 30 sets of missions. 

Completing a set of missions will increase your multiplier by x1. Upon completing all of them you will attain a x30 multiplier. 

Each set of missions is harder to complete than the previous one. Follow these steps to complete the set of missions.

  • Open the game > go to the main lobby
  • From the left bottom of the screen click on ‘MISSIONS’ icon
  • A new screen will display a set of 3 missions
  • Play the game and try to complete the given missions
  • If you are unable to complete them by playing, you can complete a mission by spending a specific amount of coins
  • You can also tap  ‘Watch Ad’ to complete a mission by watching an ad

By following the above steps, you can keep leveling up and eventually reach x30 multiplier in Subway Surfers. Once you get a x30 multiplier you will get higher scores very quickly.

How is Subway Surfers score calculated?

How is Subway Surfers score calculated?

Subway Surfers has two scores. One is the initial score you see while running, also known as sub-score, and the other is the final score you get at the end of a run.

You may have already noticed that your sub-score is always different from your final score. The final score is always higher. There is a reason for that. 

Subway Surfers final score is based on a formula: 

  • The sub-score is added with total coins collected in a run
  • The total is multiplied by double the amount of your multiplier. 

Let’s say in a run your sub-score is 100000 and you collected 5000 coins while you had x20 multiplier. Your final score will be {(100000+5000)×(20×2)} = 4200000. 

What does the 2x mean in Subway Surfers?

The 2x in Subway Surfers refers to the 2X Multiplier. The 2X Multiplier is a yellow star shaped power-up with 2x written on it. The 2X Multiplier is only obtainable in a run. 

Upon collecting the 2X Multiplier during a run, the score multiplier on the top right of your screen will be doubled. 

For instance, if your score multiplier is at x10, after collecting the 2X Multiplier it will be x20. 

The 2X Multiplier power-up is upgradable. Upon fully upgrading, the 2X Multiplier lasts up to 30 seconds. The multiplier turns green when you use the 2X Multiplier.

In Subway Surfers only a few rare mechanics can affect the score multiplier, and 2X Multiplier is one of them. Using the 2X Multiplier you can rapidly increase your score in a short period of time.

How do you upgrade your boosters in Subway Surfers?

In Subway Surfers Power-Ups are special items that increase your abilities or give your character specific abilities in a run. 

Since power-ups boost your abilities for a period of time they are also called Boosts.

Here is the list of currently available Power-Ups/Boosts and their features.

Power-Ups NameAbilityActivatePurchaseUpgrade
JetpackLets you fly into the skyBy collecting in a runN/AUp to 25 seconds
2X MultiplierDoubles your multiplier in a runBy collecting in a runN\AUp to 30 seconds
Coin MagnetLets you collect coins from the other lanes alsoBy collecting in a runN/AUp to 30 seconds
Super SneakersLets you jump higherBy collecting in a runN/AUp to 30 seconds
Pogo StickLets you jump into the skyBy collecting in a runN/AN/A
Super MysterizerTransform into 4 different abilitiesCollect in a run on Mystery Monday eventN/AN/A
HeadstartLets you fly into the sky for a limited timeTap on its icon at the opening of a runFrom the shop, 2000 coins N/A
Score BoosterIncreases your multiplier ny 5, 6 or 7Tap on its icon at the opening of a run (up to 3 times)From the shop, 3000 coinsN/A

From the above list you can see a lot of these Boosts are upgradable. Follow these steps to upgrade the Boosts:

  • Open Subway Surfers game > play the game once 
  • At the end of a run tap on the two arrows pointing upwards at the bottom middle of the screen 
  • A list of Boosts is displayed
  • Scroll down and search for the upgradable Boosts
  • From here you can use a specific amount of coins to upgrade the boosts

With every upgrade, the required amount of coins increases. Once you fully upgrade all these boosts, Jetpack lasts for 25 seconds and the rest of the Boosts last up to 30 seconds. 

Upgrading these Boosts helps you get higher scores in a short period of time. So you should upgrade all the boosts to its maximum capacity to get the best out of them. 

What is Super Mysterizer in Subway Surfers?

The Super Mysterizer is an exclusive Power-Up that is only available on Mystery Mondays. Like all the other power-ups it only appears on the tracks. But unlike other power-ups it is not upgradable.

Upon collecting the Super Mysterizer, it can transfer into 4 different abilities.

A random Hoverboard

Like any other Hoverboard it will protect the player for 30 seconds. With this ability, when you crash into any obstacle or a train, the Hoverboard will explode and the obstacles or the train will vanish, and your game will continue.

10+ Multipliers

This ability increases your multiplier by x10. So if your multiplier is at x30, after gaining this ability it will become x40 and your score will be 40 times your original score.

Double Coins

The coins you collect will be doubled in amount. So you can get a lot of extra coins with this ability.

Double jump

You can jump twice at once while you have this ability. Double jumping ability lets you jump over a train and some other obstacles that you normally can’t jump over.

Any of these 4 abilities will last for a limited amount of time once you collect the Super Mysterizer. You can’t select which ability you want to use. It is an automatic process.