Can You Use Your iPhone While It’s Backing Up?

The iPhone is set to automatically perform iCloud backups once every 24 hours. This happens when your device is connected to the power supply, has an active WiFi connection and is locked. These are the conditions for the iPhone to perform automatic backup. So you may wonder whether you can use your phone during the … Read more

How To Backup An iPhone To Google Drive?

While iCloud backup is the iPhone built-in feature for saving all your essential data on a daily basis, you may quickly hit its storage limit. Google Drive offers more storage space than iCloud, including for iOS users. It can also come in handy if switching from iOS to Android. To backup your iPhone on Google … Read more

Does A Full iPhone Backup Save Photos?

iPhone backups allow you to save and restore your valuable data including photos, messages, and other data across different Apple devices. iTunes (PC) backup and iCloud backup are the two types of backup methods for an iPhone.  All of your photos get backed up whenever you perform a full backup, whether you use iCloud or … Read more

Does The iPhone Backup Automatically?

iPhone will take automatic backups if you’ve enabled iCloud backup. iCloud will automatically back up your iPhone on a daily basis provided your phone is connected to WiFi, is plugged into a power outlet, and is locked. For iPhone models that support 5G, your carrier may give you an option to run iCloud backup using … Read more

Does clearing Camera Storage Delete Pictures?

Do you want to free up space on your Android by clearing camera storage, but you’re worried that you will lose all your pictures?  Clearing your camera storage will not delete images saved in your gallery. The only thing the “clear data” function deletes is the application data, including temporary files and cache memory. However, … Read more

Will Clearing Cache Delete Pictures?

The clear cache function lets you delete temporary files for each app and browser on your Android phone. If you clear the cache for apps such as camera, gallery, and Google Photos, will that also delete the stored photos and videos? Clearing cache will not delete your data including photos and videos. The thumbnails used … Read more

What Happens If You Clear The RAM On Your Phone?

Your mobile’s RAM (Random Access Memory) is constantly in use to run background and foreground applications. What does clearing RAM on your phone do? If you clear the RAM on your phone, some background apps and processes will shut down, running apps will restart, and a small amount of memory will be cleared. Your device … Read more

Why Is My iPhone Backup Size So Large?

iPhone users are often surprised by the size of their device backup. iPhone backups can be very large because they may include non-essential data that can cause the backup size to bloat tremendously. You can reduce the size of your backups by controlling what you want to back up from your iCloud settings. In this … Read more

Why Can’t I Move Files To My SD Card?

If you’re unable to move files to an SD card on Android, these are some the most common reasons: SD card has insufficient space Card is read-only (write-protected) SD card file system is corrupted Card is not formatted in a compatible way Card is physically damaged Card is not mounted or placed properly Card has … Read more