How To Turn Off RTT On Android?

Many Android users find that the built-in RTT (Real-Time Text) feature often interferes with voice calls by getting accidentally turned on during a call. How do you turn off real time text on an Android phone? Go to Phone app > three dots > Settings > Accessibility, toggle off “Real-Time Text (RTT) Call”. If you … Read more

How To Send Text To All Contacts On iPhone?

Sometimes you need to send a text message to all of your contacts e.g. to notify them about your phone number change.  While you can send a text message to multiple contacts at once on your iPhone using the group messaging feature, you can’t send text to all contacts in a single click using the … Read more

Why Am I Getting Text Messages From A Blocked Number?

Have you blocked a number on your iPhone or Android phone and are still getting texts from them? Why is this so and what can you do? You may get text messages from a blocked number for a few reasons: OS bug: try updating Android The number isn’t blocked for messages/SMS: check your Messages settings … Read more

How To Remove Default Messaging App On Android?

Many Android users are unhappy with the default messaging app installed on their device and would like to get rid of it. To remove default messaging app on Android: Go to Settings > Apps & Notifications > See All Apps  Select your current default messaging app. On the app page, tap “Open By Default”. Tap … Read more

Why Is My iMessage Not Working With Only One Person?

iMessage in iOS allows you to send and receive instant messages over the internet instead of your cellular services. However, there are cases where your iMessages won’t get through to a specific contact. Your iMessage may not be working with a single person or contact because the other person may not have an internet connection, … Read more

How To Check Text Messages While Talking On The iPhone

If you like to multitask while on a call, you may know it is possible to text and talk on an iPhone at the same time. As long as you have your wireless headphones on, or have speakerphone mode on, you can easily maintain a call while also answering a text. How can I check … Read more

Google Messages vs Samsung Messages: Which Is Better?

Google Messages is Google’s official app for SMS, MMS, and RCS for Android devices while Samsung Messages is the stock messaging app found in Samsung devices. How do these two apps compare? With features like scheduled messaging, custom notifications and initial RCS support, Samsung Messages outweighed Google Messages. Google then leveled up with wide RCS … Read more

Does Deleting An iMessage Also Delete It For The Other Person?

When you delete a text message does it delete on both ends? When you delete a message, it only deletes the local copy on your device. The copy on the other end remains on the recipient’s device unless they decide to delete it themselves. This is the standard for all text messages on every device, … Read more

What is Samsung Call And Text On Other Devices?

The latest Samsung Galaxy devices provide an exciting feature called “Call & text on other devices”. But what exactly is this feature? Samsung’s “Call & text on other devices” feature allows a secondary device e.g. a Samsung tablet or smartwatch to receive a call or text alongside your phone. To make or receive the calls … Read more

How Do I Sync Text Messages Between Two Phones?

Syncing text messages between two phones gives you the ability to send and receive them on two smartphones. How do you manage texts on two or more devices? To sync texts between two iPhones, use the same Apple ID on the devices, enable Messages in iCloud. To sync messages between Android phones, use an SMS … Read more