What Is System Volume On Android?

You frequently need to adjust the system volume on Android, whether you want to tone down your ringtone so it doesn’t disturb you, or want to have the volume up to keep an eye on urgent messages. The system volume is the volume you can adjust on the device, including the volume of your ringtone, … Read more

How To Turn Off Dialing Sound On iPhone?

When you dial numbers on your iPhone, it makes dialing sounds by default. However, many users dislike these dialing sounds. Fortunately, there are multiple ways to turn it off. The first option is to mute your iPhone to turn off the dialing sound. You can do this using the mute switch on the left side. … Read more

Where Do Audio Files Save On iPhone?

It’s quite difficult to locate the audio files you have saved in your iPhone – unlike in Android where audio files can be played directly by the default media player, . Audio files in iPhone typically get stored in the app that has received the file, or it goes to an app based on file … Read more

How Do I Control The Volume On My Lock Screen (Android)?

On your Android device, you may find the volume control buttons on the side aren’t working when your screen is locked. How can you control the volume on the lock screen? You can control the volume on your lock screen by allowing the volume controls on the lock screen. You can also use a third-party … Read more

How Do I Stop Apps From Lowering The Volume (Android)?

Is the volume of your Android device automatically lowering down? Are you unable to have a good listening experience due to app notifications?  A simple way to solve this problem is to enable the “Do not Disturb” mode on your Android. To turn on the “Do not Disturb” feature on your Android: Go to Settings … Read more

iPhone Audio Message Not Working? Here’s How To Fix it

Unable to record or send audio messages on your iPhone no matter what you do? Can’t listen to voice messages even after restarting the app?  One simple way to fix the audio message issue is by turning off the sound recognition. Here’s how:: Open Settings on your iPhone Tap “Accessibility” Select “Sound Recognition” > toggle … Read more

My Music Player Keeps Stopping On Android

Does the music player keep stopping while listening to music on your Android device? The music player may keep stopping if your device doesn’t have enough RAM or storage space available to run the music application. It can also stop if the music player doesn’t have permission to run in the background. Software issues in … Read more

Why Is My iPhone Not Playing Music Through Bluetooth?

Bluetooth connectivity issues can be frustrating especially when you’re in the mood to listen to some music. If your iPhone is not playing music through your Bluetooth device, this guide is for you. Start from updating your iOS to the latest version as it may resolve the Bluetooth connectivity issue. You can try restarting both … Read more

Why Won’t My Music Play On My Headphones Android?

Android users often complain about not being able to hear music from their smartphone on their headphones.This issue may be due to several common causes.. Music may not play on your headphones on your Android device due dirt in your headphone jack that prohibits a proper connection, incorrect settings on your device, disabled headphone jack … Read more