Android “Open With App” Not Listed [Solved!]

When tapping a link or file in Android, the link opens either in a specific app or in the default browser (e.g. Chrome). Normally, an “Open With” dialogue will show a list of apps you can open the link with. However, you may experience the Open With dialogue not showing up. “Open with app” may … Read more

How do I change my Remember my choice (Android)?

As an Android user, you might have mistakenly checked “Remember My Choice” when selecting an app for an action e.g. opening a link or specific file type. Doing so makes the app the default for that action. How do you change Remember My Choice and can choose another app for a task?  You can change … Read more

What Happens If I Disable Chrome On My Android?

Some Android users wish to disable Google Chrome primarily due to privacy as Chrome collects user data without warning, including in Incognito mode, and has motion sensors active by default. There are also common performance issues associated with Chrome. What happens to your phone if you disable Google Chrome? If you disable Chrome, it will … Read more

Is Zedge App Safe? An Answer At Last

Zedge is an app that can be used to download wallpapers, ringtones, app icons, and live wallpapers to customize your mobile the way you want. The app is available for both Android and iOS operating systems.  SUMMARY: is the Zedge app safe to use?  The Zedge app is safe to use & free from malware … Read more

Do You Need A Gmail Account To Use Google Keep?

Google Keep is Google’s popular free multi-platform note-taking service. A frequent question from Android users is whether you can use Google Keep without a Gmail account. You do need a Google account to use Google Keep. This allows you to access your notes from any device including your smartphone, tablet, and computer as long as … Read more

How To Disable Gboard?

The Gboard virtual typing application by Google for smartphones and tablets comes with many helpful and user-friendly features, like an integrated Google search bar, customizable keypad, gesture typing, and more.  If you decide to switch back to your default or some other keyboard, you may be able to disable Gboard through your settings. If your … Read more

How Do I Get Google Back On My iPhone?

As an iPhone user, you may have trouble reinstalling the Google app after a factory reset or after accidentally deleting the app. Or you may face syncing issues with your Google account when trying to sign into the google app on your iPhone. Resolving this issue usually requires reinstalling the app. To reinstall the Google … Read more