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Can Fossil Gen 5 Send Texts?

Can Fossil Gen 5 Send Texts?

The Fossil Gen 5 smartwatch has made its place as one of the most popular Google Wear OS smartwatches available despite  debuting in 2019. 

If you’re planning to buy a Fossil Gen 5, you may wonder whether you can send and receive texts on the watch, and if you can install and use Whatsapp on the watch.

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Can you text on the Fossil Gen 5 watch?

You can use your Fossil Gen 5  to receive and respond to your messages. You can choose how to text, by typing or through voice recognition. . 

You can text on the watch’s non-LTE version when paired to a phone or linked to Wi-Fi, whereas the LTE version lets you text without the phone.

Not only can you receive text messages on the Fossil Gen 5 watch, you can also send a new message and reply from the text notification or messaging history.

Regarding connectivity, there are two versions of the Fossil Gen 5 smartwatch: the regular non-LTE version and the LTE version. 

The LTE version is tied to Verizon’s cellular network only. It uses an eSIM and the Verizon’s Number Share service so that you can send and receive messages independently of your phone. 

The Number Share service lets you use your mobile number and text and call on up to 5 of your devices without needing to be near your smartphone. 

Continue reading this article for more about how to view text messages and reply to them on your Fossil Gen 5 watch.

How to view text messages on a Fossil watch Gen 5

You can view text messages on a Fossil Gen 5 watch using one of the following ways:

  • Press the Power button on the middle right side of the watch screen. This will take you to the apps menu.
  • Find the “Messages” app icon by scrolling up or down and tapping it.
  • Scroll through messages by swiping up or down and tap on the message thread you want to view.

Provided the Fossil Gen 5 smartwatch is paired with your phone, you’ll see the notification pop up on the watch asyou receive them on your phone. Just tap a notification on the watch to view the full message. 

Replying to text messages on a Fossil watch

Once you’ve tapped the message notification on your Fossil Gen 5 watch and opened the full message, you can then swipe up from the bottom of the message  and tap “Reply”.

You have different options as to how you can reply to messages which are:

  • Speak your reply and wait for it to be converted into text (Voice typing)
  • Draw an emoji with your finger that results in the smartwatch finding the matching emojis: you can select one and send it
  • Reply with a pre-written message
  • Type a message using your fingertips via the keyboard

Once you are done with selecting the reply, you can send a message by tapping the “Done” or “Send” icon that appears. A check will then appear that indicates the message is sent.

Reply using Google Assistant

You can also use Google Assistant to send a message on your Fossil Gen 5 watch. If it’s the non-LTE version, make sure  it’s connected to a Wi-Fi network or your smartphone.

To reply, long press the Power button until a Google Assistant screen appears.

Tap the “Microphone” icon. Then say the name of the person you want to send a message to, and dictate your reply.

Don’t use an app name (e.g. WhatsApp) as you speak to send your message as an SMS. If you do, your message will be sent via that app instead of an SMS.

Not getting texts on Fossil smart watch?

The following are some common causes why you may not be getting texts on your Fossil Gen 5 smartwatch:

  • The smartwatch and phone are not paired
  • The Wear OS app and the other apps needed to get message notifications  aren’t running in the background on your phone
  • The notifications for particular apps are turned off on your phone and the watch

Let’s find out how to fix each one. 

1. Check that your phone and smartwatch are paired

If your phone and smartwatch are not paired, this will block text notifications from appearing on the watch. Open the “Wear OS” app on your phone and make sure “Connected via Bluetooth” is displayed on the watch.

If not, go into Bluetooth settings on your phone and tap on the watch listed there to reconnect. For this, Bluetooth must be enabled on both devices. 

2. Allow the apps to run in the background

To get text notifications on your Fossil watch, allow Wear OS and other apps to run in the background.

For example, on Android, , go to “Settings” > “App Management” > “App List”. Tap on an app that’s not sending text notifications and then select “Mobile Data & Wi-Fi”.

Make sure “Background Data” is toggled on for the app. Do this for all the other messaging apps that you want to get  alerts from. 

3. Check the notification settings on your phone and watch

It’s also possible that the notifications for specific apps like Google Messages are turned off on your phone and watch. You need to check the notification setting and turn on notifications for the apps that that you want notifications from

On an Android phone, navigate to “Settings” > “Notification Center” and toggling on “Notifications” for the messaging apps that are turned off. 

Also check the notification settings on your Fossil Gen 5.

Does the Fossil Gen 5 smartwatch support iMessage?

At the time of this writing, the Fossil Gen 5 smartwatch still doesn’t fully support iMessage. While you can receive iMessage notifications on the smartwatch, you won’t be able to reply directly from the smartwatch.

The Fossil Gen 5 runs on Wear OS, which is based on Android OS. Unfortunately, iMessage isn’t supported on Android.

Connecting the Fossil smartwatch to an iPhone

In order to receive iMessage notifications on the watch, you need to first connect the Fossil Gen 5 smartwatch to your iPhone via Bluetooth and pair them together.

Download the Wear OS app from the App Store on your iPhone and follow the instructions to allow access to the smartwatch.

After choosing your language and selecting your smart watch, tap “Pair” to connect it to the watch via Bluetooth.

If your watch is connected to an iPhone, you’ll receive phone alerts directly on your watch.   Make sure to grant the app permissions to  access your calls, texts, and other notifications received on your iPhone.

Can I install WhatsApp on the Fossil watch?

WhatsApp can’t be installed on Fossil Gen 5 watch as there’s no official WhatsApp app available in the Play Store for Wear OS smartwatches.

However, you can set the Fossil smartwatch to start receiving WhatsApp notifications from the phone.

If you are an Android user, you can view, read, and reply to WhatsApp messages from your Fossil smartwatch without needing to use your phone. You can reply using voice typing or using the virtual keypad on the watch.

On the iPhone, you can view and read WhatsApp message notifications, but you can’t reply to them.

Get WhatsApp notifications on your watch

Your watch must be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth to start receiving WhatsApp notifications.

After you’ve paired and connected your watch with your phone, install the “Wear OS” app on your phone.

Just launch the Wear OS app on your phone and navigate to “Notifications”. Tap on “Change Watch Notifications”, and enable “WhatsApp”.

Once you do this, you’ll start to get WhatsApp notifications on your Fossil smartwatch. 

Messenger for Fossil smartwatch

You can access Facebook Messenger on your Fossil Gen 5 smartwatch to receive notifications that you can check and respond to from your phone.

You first need to install the Messenger app on your phone. If you also install the Messenger Wear OS app on your smartwatch, you can scroll through chats and reply on the watch without using your phone. 

You’ll have the option to reply to a message through voice typing, react through emoticons, or “like” the message right from your watch.

Note that there has been issues in the past where Messenger stopped working and Messenger notifications no longer were delivered to the watch, likely due to a faulty app update.

If that happens, uninstalling and reinstalling the Messenger app on both the phone and watch can sometimes fix the issue. 

Messenger app not available for Wear OS

The Messenger app has apparently been removed from the Play Store for Wear OS; however, it’s still available as an APK file from the website APKMirror. 

You can install the APK file on your Wear OS smartwatch via ADB (Android Debug Bridge) to sideload the Messenger app on your watch just like you do  it on your Android phone.